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Degrees Abroad: Investing in Education or Spending on Experience? Perspectives Explored

Degrees Abroad: Investing in Education or Spending on Experience? Perspectives Explored

In India, getting an international degree is highly desired, much like having a highly valued possession that is treasured by both parents and students. However, choosing to study abroad is frequently accompanied by a mixture of enthusiasm and dread due to physical distance from loved ones and settling in the new environment. This endeavour becomes an emotional and financial investment for some, and others see it as a cost of schooling or expense because both groups of people have different perspectives.

To Each Their Own

If we put things in perspective, my left side could be your right side when we are sitting across the table, and the number I see as 6 might appear as 9 to you. Interestingly, we both can be right with different points of view.

Let’s say for instance, in India, many aspire to secure a government job, spending substantial sums in taking classes for UPSC, SSC, banking exams, and more with the belief it guarantees their future. This is because they perceive the money spent on coaching not as an expense but as an investment.

I recall an encounter with someone, during a seminar in Gurugram, who regarded spending on education as merely an expense. This person boasted a strong physique. Curious, I inquired about his monthly spending on his physique, to which he proudly stated 7K to 10K. When I questioned whether this was considered an investment or an expense, his swift response was ‘investment.’ The reason? Preparation for a bodybuilding championship. This prompted me to think to myself that nobody is right or wrong as it is all about having different perspectives. 

No doubt all have their points of view related to expenditure and investment, and nobody is right or wrong, however, education always pays off, and for many of us, it eventually turns into a profitable investment.

The ROI of Overseas Education

Critics may argue that the financial burden of studying abroad outweighs the benefits. But we must take a broader picture while considering this investment. Yes, there is a monetary cost involved, but the benefits are incalculable. Research constantly indicates that people who have studied abroad have a greater potential for earning and a wider choice of employment opportunities.

As per the news report, there was an Employability and Study Abroad survey conducted. According to the survey, more than one-third (41%) of the companies polled said they would think about paying a higher salary to a candidate with international experience. When recruiting recent graduates, almost a quarter (23%) of respondents stated that, given the same level of academic skills, they would be more inclined to recruit a recent graduate who has lived or travelled abroad.

Moreover, it is impossible to ignore the influence that people with international education have on society. When they return home with newly gained information and abilities, they frequently serve as catalysts of positive change. They support creativity, add to the local workforce, and serve as cultural bridges to promote collaboration and understanding.

There have been instances in the past where students from small towns in India went abroad to study for a master’s degree in environmental science. Beyond the academic knowledge they gained, their international education allowed them to collaborate on global sustainability projects. Their innovative approach and cross-cultural understanding led to partnerships with multinational corporations, creating solutions that benefited both the environment and local economies.

Another instance I can recall is that of an aspiring engineer from India who chose to study in Japan. In addition to enhancing his abilities, his exposure to state-of-the-art technology and engineering techniques helped him secure a desired job offer from an international IT business in India. The primary factor that launched his career was his overseas experience.

These studies with live examples simply serve to support the idea that studying abroad can be a big financial and personal investment. What is your perspective? Discuss with overseas education consultants in Chandigarh.

The Bottom Line

With that said, we can conclude that when it comes to expense versus investment, there isn’t always one person who is completely right or completely wrong. It’s more about the fact that everyone might see things in their own way, and that’s totally okay. It’s about understanding that different people have different ways of looking at stuff, and that’s what makes things interesting. But a piece of advice – don’t choose between self-improvement and luxury – invest in an international education, and experience both in abundance.

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