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Inspiring SOP Ideas through Cinematic Exploration

Inspiring SOP Ideas through Cinematic Exploration

I was revisiting my journal from 2021 and came across a section where I assisted students in crafting their Statements of Purpose (SOPs). One student caught my attention—a young man embarking on his journey at Fleming College for Practical Nursing. At that time, I wasn’t sure about how to guide him, as I didn’t want him to extol nursing without genuine conviction.

Guiding Aspiring Male Nurses

It was somewhat uncomfortable for me to provide guidance, considering the scarcity of male nurses in the northern part of India where I reside. Throughout my entire professional career, I had never encountered a male nurse. I decided to deviate from the typical standard operating procedure and recommended that the student compose an essay that delved into his personal reasons for pursuing a career in nursing. My objective was to enable his unique personality to shine through his writing and demonstrate his authentic passion for the nursing field.

The Movie That Changed My Perspective on Male Nursing

The student’s essay showed great eloquence, but I was intrigued by a small gap in the way he described his enthusiasm for nursing. In search of a deeper understanding and guidance, I started looking into the experiences of male nurses online. During my research, I stumbled upon the movie “The Fundamentals of Caring,” which was about characters Trevor, a snarky adolescent boy with muscular dystrophy, and Ben, a carer getting over a personal loss. Filled With heart and humour, the film examines friendship, acceptance, and personal growth. It poignantly and wisely emphasises the value of interpersonal relationships and empathy; it reflects the caring and emotional aspects of being a male nurse.

Shift in Vision

I embraced the idea that males could be as emotional and caring as females, a new perspective I gained from this movie. This cinematic epiphany sparked a significant shift in my thinking, influencing how I perceive the world ever since. I realised that, despite their rarity in my tiny hamlet in northern India, male nurses were a common sight all across the globe. This newfound awareness expanded my perspective and instilled a greater sense of acceptance and tolerance. This realisation prompted me to reevaluate a student’s Statement of Purpose, which initially left me somewhat disappointed. Armed with this new insight, I assisted the student in refining his SOP.

As the movie sparked a profound mental transformation in me, it exposed the prevalence of male nurses and inspired one of my most spectacular SOPs. It highlighted the significant impact of fresh perspectives on our lives and the invaluable lessons we can glean from unlikely sources. I learned about the incredible power of embracing different points of view and the boundless opportunities for learning worldwide through this movie experience.

As I delved deeper into this insight, I began a thorough exploration of a wide range of films that could provide valuable insights into international trade, international community development, international security, supply chain management, and logistics. These cinematic stories served as practical educational tools for me. I shared these films with students seeking guidance for their Statement of Purpose, encouraging them to consider new perspectives on their chosen subjects. Immersing themselves in these narratives provided them with a more comprehensive understanding of their fields and a global perspective that would prove beneficial in their academic and professional pursuits.


Being open to something is the key to learning. Like how life works, films present impressions of reality, while reality itself is a mosaic of perspectives. Our constant pursuit of knowledge and development is fueled by our readiness to accept insights from any source.

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