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Permanently Reside in the Land of Opportunity: Why Settle for Anything Less!

Permanently Reside in the Land of Opportunity: Why Settle for Anything Less

Many of us move abroad, some for higher education and others for permanent settlement. However, the aim of both segments of people is mostly securing a Permanent Residency (PR) and then citizenship. The process of PR entails rigorous preparation and a comprehensive understanding of laws and requirements that you must conform to and fulfil. Therefore, before you begin the journey, it is wise to acquaint yourself with the procedure and process.

Select the Country

Let us begin with the foremost step; i.e. choosing the right destination. Here, several factors come into play, however, if your end goal is residency, delve into the specifics of employment opportunities, quality of life, cost of living, and in particular immigration policies. It is worth mentioning here each country has distinct immigration pathways, but those that offer post studies work permits, and skilled migration programmes show the most promise to turn your aspirations into reality.

Points System

Once we have chosen the country, the next thing that comes to mind is the point system of the selected country. There are various ways to get points for a visa based on different things about you. Your age, how well you speak English, your work experience, education level, language skills besides English, and even your partner’s skills all count. Plus, if a state or territory government invites you to apply for a visa, you might get some extra points. Click here to determine your points for Australia and here to assess your score for Canada.

Linguistics skills

We cannot change the age or alter the work experience when calculating the points, however, strong linguistics skills in the local language of the target country can certainly improve the overall immigration score. The higher you score, the greater your prospects of achieving residency. 

Hence, it is recommended to keep honing your linguistic skills and get good results in language proficiency tests, such as IELTS or PTE to enhance your chances of getting PR. And, you can always check with the immigration consultants in Gurgaon to find out more about IELTS and other language tests required by different countries.

Nomination Programmes

Many countries offer nomination programmes, such as the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) in Canada, and the Skilled Work Regional in Australia. These initiatives have been started to overcome skills shortages that are specific to certain areas. These programmes allow territories to nominate skilled and semi-skilled migrants for residency.

Naturally, these programmes are designed to be lucrative and easier, therefore, it is advisable to do in-depth research and explore them, as they are convenient and speedier routes to the end goal. Check out the list of roles in demand in Australia, Canada, and the UK.


It is important to note that most countries conduct interviews/checks to ensure that a candidate is eligible for becoming a permanent resident, by verification of the information one has provided. Prepare thoroughly for these assessments. Awareness about the host country’s values and immigration policies, as well as general knowledge about the country such as its geography and economy are also expected in these assessments. All the paperwork, including your statement of purpose, financial resources and presentation of your application will be cross-checked.

Part-Time Jobs

If you are a student, you must look for a part-time job in the same field you are pursuing your education as it will increase your chances of getting PR. This will not only supplement your

day-to-day expenses but also improve your skillset.  It is highly recommended to create a strong resume, prepare for interviews and network. You will be surprised to find out how much building your network matters. Apart from creating a social profile on professional networking sites like LinkedIn, engaging in community events, and registering with alumni associations, are efficacious means to build and broaden a network which is conducive to finding a job that ensures permanent residency. To discover job options in Australia, click here, and for opportunities in Canada, you can also find work by clicking here

While you may be armed with the perfect roadmap for permanent residency, be mindful that immigration policies are not static; opportunities arise and close more often than you might think. Thus, it is essential to keep your eyes and ears open. Thankfully, the internet has made it effortless. Subscribe to relevant online social networking groups and immigration news network sites, that keep you abreast so that you can make timely adjustments to your blueprint.

Wrapping Up

Securing permanent residency in a new country involves careful planning. From choosing the right destination to understanding point systems, linguistic skills, and nomination programs, each step plays a crucial role. Interviews, part-time jobs, and staying updated on policies are vital. Staying flexible and updated on immigration rules makes this journey to a new home an engaging ride!

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