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Super Visa vs Visitor Visa: Suitable Options for Fulfilling Canadian Dream

Learn the Specific Purpose and Requirements of Super Visa and Visitor Visa

Every year, many people travel from one country to another for various reasons. Meeting friends and relatives, enjoying the picturesque landscapes and diverse cultures, and exploring new business opportunities are just some of the reasons for this cross-border travel. Canada, too, receives its fair share of travellers every year, who arrive with one of these purposes.

The Super visa and visitor visa are two of the many different types of visas that Canada offers to cater to travellers with distinct needs and durations of stay. Let’s take a look at the key differences, and eligibility requirements of these two visas, plus other information that can be of use to you while deciding and applying for one of them.

The First Look of Super Visa vs Visitor Visa

Super Visa: Parents and grandparents wishing to visit Canadian citizens and permanent residents need to apply for this visa. It allows for five years of stay in a single entry with multiple entries available. One can apply for an extension as well once the period of stay is nearing an end.

Visitor Visa: When the intention to stay in Canada is for a short duration, less than six months, one needs to apply for a visitor visa. Whether you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the country or want to explore business options, this visa is for you. Those who want to pursue a course or study in Canada for less than 6 months need to apply for this visa.

Let’s Take a look at the Major Differences between Super Visa and Visitor Visa

Eligibility Requirements: While the visitor visa can be applied for by anyone, the Super Visa, on the other hand, is meant for parents and grandparents of Canada’s permanent residents and citizens only.

Sponsorship: Super visa is applied by the parents and/or grandparents but the sponsorship comes from the permanent residents and citizens of Canada. They will have to first show that they are financially capable of adding one or two more members to their family. Visitor visa, on the other hand, is applied by the person who wants to travel. If you fulfil the general visa requirements then you can apply for a visitor visa.

Processing Time: Since there are fewer people involved in a visitor visa, the processing time of this visa is less than a Super visa wherein the file will first start from Canada, then move to the country in which parents and grandparents are residing and arrangements are made accordingly. 

Demystifying the Details of Visitor Visa

Standard requirements such as ties with the home country, the absence of immigration intent and yes, most importantly, sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Canada, are some of the factors that are looked into while assessing visitor visa applications.

The number of entries and validity of the visa will be determined based on, first, your travel history and second, your nationality. One can explore business options, but you cannot work on this visa.

Super Visa has Unique Benefits

First and foremost, one needs to be outside Canada at the time of submitting the application and visa printed by the visa office outside Canada. Along with this, they also need to pass through several health and security checks.

This visa will not be processed unless there is an undertaking from the Canadian relative that they are financially capable of bringing more members into their family and that the new members will not be dependent on public funds.

There are two steps in this visa, first a sponsorship is sent by the Canadian relative then the parent/grandparent will apply for a Super visa using this sponsorship. Apply for any of these two visas with complete preparation and avoid delay, talk to immigration consultants in Delhi before applying.

Things to Remember Before Applying

  • Purpose of the Visit: The purpose for which you want to travel to Canada should align with the visa you are applying for.
  • Financial Resources: This is the starting requisite before applying for any visa, in both super visa and visitor visas, sufficient funds need to be shown. Arrangement for proper documents to show the same is a must.
  • Processing Times: When you want to arrive in Canada should align with the processing time of the visa. Plus, keep room for potential delays, particularly in the case of super visas.


Want to travel to Canada, you are most welcome. Travel with the right intention and proper documentation and you will always be able to travel to Canada, regardless of the frequency or the amount of stay.

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