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Technology Reshaping Demand for Workforce in Australia: Adapt or Be Obsolete

Technology Reshaping Demand for Workforce in Australia: Adapt or Be Obsolete

Technology has made life both easy and difficult for people. As the amount of physical hardship is reduced thanks to technology, the need to constantly upgrade has increased. The fact that technology is always evolving, keeps companies across industries on their toes, as they have to transform their way of working.

In this never-ending race of adapting and changing, a segment that is benefiting the most are the professionals who have the knowledge to implement, operate and maintain new technology. Many companies are already experimenting with driverless mobility vehicles, and it is not far away when days of mechanised jobs will be completely over.

A Consideration Before Applying for Australia Student Visa

We are discussing this scenario here because it is an important consideration for all those who are planning to study in Australia and want to settle there permanently. If you are thinking that in future, you can survive in Australia by performing some odd jobs like truck driving or welding, etc. then you are living in an illusion.

For all those planning to study in this country, it is important to pursue a programme that will remain in demand for at least a decade to come. Pause for a moment and think, are you happy doing some odd jobs, that give you a few hundred dollars? Or do you want to earn thousands while handling the core operations of a big organisation? As an example and a promising option, here, we consider artificial intelligence as a career option for those aspiring to study in Australia.

Plenty of Well-Paid Jobs for AI Specialists in Australia

It has been reported that a professional with AI skills will be earning around AU$ 100K per year, and after accumulating some experience this will reach the AU$ 200K mark. The report also claims that several traditional career pathways will become obsolete because of AI, with workers in administrative and support roles at the highest risk.

The Australian Government has released a roadmap wherein it highlights how artificial intelligence will benefit Australian society. The government’s action plan pinpoints the shortage of highly skilled AI professionals as a pressing challenge for organisations looking to implement and deploy AI technologies.

Transferable Skills Demanded in Every Industry

Be it healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure and resources, some of the biggest employing industries in Australia will demand AI professionals. For example, the healthcare sector will use AI-powered robots to perform accurate surgeries efficiently. AI-operated tools will predict weather conditions and contribute to the agriculture sector with advice on water management and timely harvesting.

The biggest plus point of being an AI professional is your skills will be transferable. You can easily move from one job profile to another with a short-term course.  This means you will not be stuck in one industry or a vertical. Diverse experience will add to your profile and make you more competent in the job market. With the picture being clear on the future of AI professionals in Australia, the question now is where to pursue and what programme to pursue. A quick solution is to talk to overseas immigration consultants in Chandigarh and apply with complete details.

Career Prospects in Artificial Intelligence

The business world ranging from small startups and businesses to large multinational companies and even public administration has been revolutionised by artificial intelligence and data science. The fact that a large amount of data is generated and is being used to solve real-world problems, the demand for data scientists and AI engineers will continue to grow for many years to come. According to the World Economic Forum, more than 85 million jobs related to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence will be generated by 2025.

Some of the most trustworthy portals to look for AI and data science jobs include www.seek.com.au and the website of the Australian government. One can go to the current vacancies followed by the Australia-only section of the government website and apply for relevant job vacancies. There are several other useful features on this website, such as creating a job alert by setting up an account, etc.

Work on a Career Not on a Job

When you plan to move to Australia as a student, your objective should not be to start earning the day you land there. Remember the future is not for manual dexterity but rather for tech-savvy people. Your education in Australia should tune you to be the latter and not the former. Think, be informed and plan wisely before you apply for an Australia student visa.  For details on academic and English language eligibility, plus on procedures to obtain acceptance letters from institutions and file for a student visa, you can contact immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

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