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Trump Plays the STEM Card: Green Light for International Students

The Rise of Automation Making STEM Education Critical

In a significant move, Donald Trump has underscored the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses by announcing green cards for all international students pursuing STEM degrees in the United States. 

STEM are the four pillars on which the advancement of any economy or country depends. These are the pillars that will bring innovation and economic growth. It is no surprise that the world is undergoing a significant shift and stressing the need to educate its youth in the field of STEM. The importance of STEM is such that developed nations, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the US, and the UK, have formed an integral part of their curriculum.

A Global Trend and the Green Card Initiative from Donald Trump

The announcement by Trump highlights the amount of importance developed economies are giving to STEM education. There is a clear shift in the type of education the US wants international students to pursue. Vocational education is being replaced by degrees centred on technology and engineering.

Countries across the globe have been vouching for the importance of STEM education for more than a decade. The tide of change started in Australia which started placing stronger emphasis on STEM education in 2007, introducing new curriculum initiatives and increasing funding for these fields. The neighbouring country, New Zealand, adopted this change in 2011, with a focus on funding, curriculum development, and promoting STEM career opportunities.

Moving to the other side of the globe, the US has long been emphasising the importance of STEM education, however, there has not been a single definite point of adoption. President Obama started the campaign in 2009 called ‘Educate to Innovate’. Crossing the Atlantic, the UK placed a higher emphasis on STEM education with the launch of the Tier 4 visa programme. Canada also joined the group as it started giving preference to aspiring immigrants having STEM backgrounds.

The Automation Age and Focus on Degrees

Countries with superior technology will dominate the world; it is as simple as that. The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation is transforming both the working of companies and the kind of jobs that will be created therein. The strong inclination towards STEM education among developed countries has a strong support reason. Several blue-collar and vocational jobs are becoming susceptible to automation. This necessitates preparing individuals for the evolving landscape and educating them accordingly.

This is the reason that major economies across the world are giving preference to graduate and post-graduate students. According to them, having just a diploma will not be enough to stay put in the job market that will develop in the future. Aspiring international students who are applying for a graduate or higher education have a much better chance of visa approval and ultimately settling in these countries.

A Concerning Trend Persisting in India

While the whole world is moving in one direction, things in India are standing still, if not moving in a different direction. As the best PR immigration consultant in Chandigarh, we have observed that the majority of the aspiring students, who hail mostly from the North India region, remain immune to the changing trend beyond borders. They are still in a rush to receive a student visa and start earning in dollars, with little consideration on how long this will last.

Among the student visa applications that originate from North India, most of them do not have a clue about the actual purpose of the degree that they are pursuing. The announcement from Donald Trump should be an eye-opener for all these aspirants, and they should shift their thinking and purpose when they apply for student visas.

If you, as an aspiring international student are serious about making the most of your overseas education, then you should act as to what the world demands. Pursuing a STEM education will offer you a clear advantage in terms of a fulfilling career and life. This pathway promises increased earning potential, staying current with the jobs in demand, and a much better chance of securing permanent residency.

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The Takeaway

Aspiring students must embrace the changing landscape if they want to reap the complete benefits of international education and immigration. By giving priority to STEM education and aligning their studies with the skills in demand, international students can improve their success rate in the globalised world.

It is important to note that soon vocational courses will go down in history books, and developed economies are pushing for STEM education to lead the pack. Those pursuing international education should catch this pulse or they may run into a dead end.

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