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Unlock Australia: Punch the Right Passkey for Positive Skill Assessment

Positive Australia Skill Assessment: Show You Are Fit to Migrate

Want to migrate to a country or the entire continent? Bondi Beach, Sydney’s bustling cityscape, the land of Kangaroos holds promises of a better life and career surrounded by loads of fun and adventure. The process of migrating to Australia starts with one big step: the skill assessment. Things move ahead when you get the green signal here. Let’s help you race to this crucial landmark like a seasoned pro.

Why does Australia ask for a Skill Assessment?

You want to migrate to Australia because things are better there, same way, Australia wants to find out if you are good for them as well. This skill assessment shows the Australian authorities that your skills are at par with the standards they have set.

There are several assessment bodies in Australia each authorized to check a particular set of professions. Here is a list of assessing authorities and the occupation they scrutinise:

  • Engineers Australia – Responsible for assessing engineering occupations
  • Australian Computer Society (ACS) – assesses qualifications and work experience for information and communication technology (ICT) occupations
  • Australian Nursery and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) – Assess nursing and midwifery occupations
  • VETASSESS (Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services) – assess a wide range of skilled occupations including trades, technical and professional occupations
  • Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) – Assesses accountants and finance professionals

The above list is not all-encompassing, and in case your profession is not covered by any of these authorities then you can refer to the complete list here.

Now, here is the road map to get the assessment done

Submit the Application

Once you are clear with which authority you have to apply, the next step is to gather all the documents, including experience letters and educational qualifications, and yes, the required fees.

It is better to have all the things ready before jumping online, follow the directions meticulously, and cross-check to ensure the documents are uploaded correctly. Make sure you have all the time at hand, so you can play your best shot with ease.

Assessment Takes Time

You have played your part, now it is the turn of Australian authorities to respond and trust us, they are in no hurry to conclude. The process can take several weeks and vary as per the assessing authority.

It is best to spend this waiting time of yours praying, even though we are sure that you will not leave anything to chance, yet, prayers do work wonders. Possibly your case may be assessed by the least stringent person.

It’s the Result Day

The moment brings the same feeling we had on the day board results were declared. A formal assessment outcome will be sent to you. A positive outcome means you are good to go and take the next step.

A negative outcome will be supported by a reason for the unsuccessful result. It highlights the pothole in which your motorcade got stuck. Better to fill it and come back after some time.

After the Positive Outcome

The green signal from the assessment authority can be used as part of your Expression of Interest (EOI) when you apply for an Australia migration visa.

No need to despair if you get stuck in this round, you can appeal, or apply again with a different occupation. Must remember, that every assessment body and profession has their nuances. Sailing through this ocean can be made easy if you consult the best Australia and Canada immigration consultants in Noida.

The Final Verdict

Aspiring to greet your new life with “G’day, mate!”, it is best to begin early. Research thoroughly, and understand which documents will get you through. Take help from varied sources, including the Australian government website and migration forums. Embrace the challenge; stay informed till you set foot in awesome Australia. Good Luck!

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