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Australia Calls for a New Era of Immigrants with Visa-Hopping Restrictions

Australia Calls for a New Era of Immigrants with Visa-Hopping Restrictions

Australia has been a long-time favourite for immigrants, including tourists, students, and work seekers. Australia, too has embraced everyone with open arms, providing the most hospitable living environment. Its immigration policies offered hassle-free movement for immigrants and little attention was given to the actual intention of visit. However, with the change of time, things are changing, with much of it being a result of malpractice from end users.

Why are you moving to Australia, what visa are you applying for and what is your actual intention? All these three factors should be in sync with one another for anyone who will apply for an Australian visa in future. Freedom of transitioning from one visa to another that was available till now will cease to exist.

An Immigration Announcement Sending Tremors 

Australia has left the immigration sector gyrating with gossip as it announced the end of visa hopping in its immigration system. Mostly this news has been labeled as bad for the immigration sector and for students aspiring to study in Australia. So is this news really bad and is it bad for aspiring students or for tourists whose intention is not to study in Australia? Here we take a calculative look at the visa hopping restriction from Australia.

A Visa for Every Intention

Many travel to Australia on a tourist visa but they apply for study visas to stay and work there. The actual loss from this facility of changing visa status was borne by genuine international students who want to go and study there or numerous students in Australia who are still waiting for their permanent residency in Australia.

Due to this visa hopping, there has been a considerable increase in the number of international students in the country even though the primary motive of these student visa holders is to work and live there and not to study. They are just maintaining their student visa status to live and work in the country. This group of people, which are in lakhs, have put a black spot on the education export sector.

There are still many students whose parents are complaining that their children have not received permanent residency. These students are moving from one study programme to another to maintain their legal status while waiting for Australia PR. This group of people are manipulating the system for their benefit at the cost of those who should actually benefit from this system, i.e. genuine students. The new point system formulated by Australia is also working in this direction.

Still a Student After Studying and Working in Australia?

The 485 temporary visa is granted for two to five years after completion of your studies. If you have moved to Australia with a genuine intention to study, you can successfully become a permanent resident of Australia by the time the 485 temporary visa nears an end. In case you have to force yourself for another study visa even after completing the temporary work tenure then either your intention is not right or you have not moved in the right direction. Prepare well by talking to overseas education consultants in Chandigarh.

The primary motive of these people, from the very beginning, was to move to Australia and start earning quick money. They jumped on easy jobs like cab driving or housekeeping just as they got the opportunity to work. But, Australia on the other hand, was expecting much more from its international students than this. They wanted this group to contribute to their economy more purposefully than taking up simple mechanised jobs.

There are thousands of aspiring students who are still waiting for an Australian study visa because the government is busy cleaning the system that is manipulated by temporary residents who are living there permanently. So all the reforms that have taken place recently, including ending the visa hopping process are working in this direction. Talk to immigration consultants in Chandigarh when you plan and prepare for immigrating to Australia.

Make a Note

Before you even think of moving to Australia, think of how and where you see yourself a decade from now. Do you want to be someone who just operates a machine or the one who designs machines and technology? Australia certainly wants to see you as the latter. Leverage and align your goals with what a developed nation like Australia expects from its international students.

(Disclaimer: Thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are personal and should not be attributed to any organisation or entity.)

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