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Immigration Reform Proposal: Will It Be A Game Changer for Australia’s Skilled Visa System?

Immigration Reform Proposal: Will It Be A Game Changer for Australia’s Skilled Visa System?

A new points proposal released by the Grattan Institute of Australia, one of the most respected independent think tanks, has led many to believe that this is how the new immigration structure from Australia will look like. This proposal is regarding 189, 190 and 491 visas offered by Australia to migrate here. It did not take long for this point proposal to catch the attention of the media and become a hot topic of discussion in the immigration sector.

Many people are taking this as the final words from the Australian government, however, this is only a discussion paper, offering recommendations to the government. Only some of the content mentioned in the proposal will be used. Here we take a look at this proposal and analyse the statements of the different aspects of this proposal. Before our analysis, we briefly examine the three visas 189, 190, and 491 Australia offers.

Visas for Attracting Skilled Immigrants

Skilled independent visas (subclass 189), skilled nominated visas (subclass 190), and skilled work regional visas (subclass 491) are framed to attract skilled immigrants to live and work in the country. All three visas ultimately open the door to applying for and becoming a permanent resident of Australia.

Subclass 189 visa offers the maximum flexibility to live and work anywhere in Australia, with a subclass 190 visa you are required to live and work in a nominated state for a certain period. Restriction on living and working increases with a 491 visa which allows you to live and work in a specific region only. 

All aspiring immigrants who are planning to apply for Australian permanent residency need to know and understand the proposed recommendations. If implemented, these suggestions may change how you apply for Australian PR. These recommendations result from public consultation sought by the Australian government regarding different visas offered.

A Brief Look at Some Elements of this Proposal

The institute has proposed some strong measures, claiming that these measures will improve the immigration system. There are no points for Australian study requirements, professional year programmes and regional study. The report also suggests scrapping the 190 and 491 state-sponsored visas. Age points are far more granulated than before, and a maximum point of 100 is given to applicants between the age group of 21 and 29. Points start to decrease for applicants beyond this age bracket, and the cut-off is set at 45 years.

Moving on to the next big factor, i.e. English proficiency. A maximum of 90 points are given to applicants who can score 8+ in all four modules. There is a minimum level to be eligible to submit your application, and that is 6 in all four modules. A maximum of 60 points are given to those holding a doctorate. Along with fulfilling these requirements, an applicant needs to have a suitable skill assessment for a skill level 1, 2, or 3 occupations at the time of invitation. Applicants who have a minimum of two years experience in skill level 1 occupations will be awarded 50 points.

Work experience in skill level three will not fetch any points, this reduces the chances for people in trade occupations to immigrate to Australia. An additional 20 points will be awarded to those who have community language credentials. Taking a look at your marital status, those who are single will get 90 points, but in case you are married, things can become complicated. In case your partner is able to score 8+ in IELTS then you will be able to maintain your maximum points. 

These additional points will be taken away from you, in case your partner does not have any qualifications or does not have good English skills. To register your expression of interest, you should be able to score at least 300 points. Those who can pull their score over 400 will receive the invitation automatically. Find out if you are eligible to apply for an Australia visa by talking to immigration consultants in Chandigarh

Potential Benefits of Grattan Recommendations

Australia wants to have better outcomes through its immigration programmes than the ones available presently. The economic growth of the country drives the recommendations from the Grattan Institute of Australia. The proposal gives priority to applicants who have a higher qualification and a better understanding of English. The sole purpose is to attract individuals who are capable of contributing through innovation and productivity. Established businesses will benefit and there is an increased chance of the creation of new ventures, leading to the generation of new jobs across the board.

A Streamlined and Easy Immigration Process for Applicants

The application process will be simpler as the location-based points and state-sponsored programmes are scrapped. The current immigration system pushes skilled immigrants to work or study to increase their points, yet, their experience does not align with their career goals. The proposed reforms will pull immigrants to stay aligned with their actual skills and qualifications, potentially creating a more beneficial system for everyone. Talk to the best PR immigration consultants in Chandigarh to find out about the latest rules before applying for an Australian visa. 

The Takeaway

The recommendations for 189 visa reform highlight the need for a comprehensive immigration system. Even though attracting highly skilled workers is important, a diverse workforce across all levels is required for a thriving economy. The visa system needs to have the right balance to ensure inclusive growth that can benefit all sectors and regions.

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