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Australia’s Revamped Temporary Graduate Visas Open Exciting Opportunities for Skilled Graduates

Australia’s Revamped Temporary Graduate Visas Open Exciting Opportunities for Skilled Graduates

The Australian government’s Migration Strategy is evolving, and the Temporary Graduate (TG) visa programme has changed completely. Starting from July 1, 2024, you will see a new version of this programme as it streamlines to align with the skills needed in Australia. Here we take a look at what is new in it and how these changes will impact the plans of aspiring international graduates looking to work in Australia.

Re-aligned Categories with New Visa System

As the TG visa stream will now be known as the “Post-vocational Education Work” stream, so the most noticeable change is the renaming. The same is the case with the “Post-study Work” stream which will now be known as the “Post-higher Education Work” stream. The renaming is done with a purpose, for easy identification as it will be much easier for applicants to pick the right stream with new names.

Matching your skills with opportunities will now be more important than ever. The qualifications you have will decide the jobs that you will be able to take. Just like the primary qualifications that you have will decide the programmes you can enrol in for an Australian study visa, the same will be the case when you apply for a job. Other qualifications that you may have not linked directly with your primary area of study will not be considered.

The Post-Vocational Education Workstream will be the ideal route for those having an associate degree, diploma, or trade qualification. You need to ensure that your chosen qualification is aligned closely with the occupation listed on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). These are the occupations facing high demand for manpower and are important for the economic growth of Australia. 

The Post-Higher Education Workstream is created for holders of degree-level qualifications or higher, allowing them to work in the country.  With a higher degree, you have many more opportunities to choose from. Find out more about applying for the right work stream by talking to study visa consultants in Gurugram.

Opportunities for Young Professionals

With a focus on attracting young and skilled professionals who can contribute their skills to the Australian workforce, the maximum age limit for both the Post-Higher Education Work and Post-Vocational Education Work Streams will be lowered to 35 years at the time of application. The maximum age limit for PhD and research masters to apply for post-study work visas will remain at 50. The Department of Home Affairs had earlier reduced the age to 35. Lowering of age would exclude most doctoral graduates from applying for this visa.

The Second Post-Higher Education Work Stream will be the new name for the existing Second Post-Study Work stream. However, there will be no adjustments to the application process or the eligibility criteria. Suppose you have already completed your master’s degree or PhD in Australia, you are still eligible to apply for this separate stream to get an additional period of work experience.

Start Your Immigration Journey with Proper Guidance 

Skilled international graduates who are looking to settle in Australia permanently and want to join its workforce will benefit from these changes. You can get help from immigration consultants in Gurgaon to navigate through the revamped Temporary Graduate visa programme. By talking to a consultant you will be able to find the most suitable visa stream as per your eligibility. You will also get assistance in aligning your skillset with the occupations that are there on the MLTSSL. 

A Bright Future in Australia

Australia is committed to attracting talented young professionals and this is evident from the revamped Temporary Graduate visa programme. The streamlined system will be able to match skills with needs and will pave the way for a mutually beneficial outcome. Now is the time to explore the possibilities for recent graduates with ambition and skills to contribute to the dynamic economy of Australia.

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