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What Aspiring Immigrants Need to Know as Express Entry Resumes

What Aspiring Immigrants Need to Know as Express Entry Resumes

After a month-long pause, Canadian immigration hopefuls can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The invitations to apply through the Express Entry system have been resumed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). However, this restart has key takeaways that aspiring immigrants should remember when crafting their immigration strategy for Canada.

The Provincial Nominee Programmes Take Prominence

All the 2,985 candidates that were picked up in the May 30 draw were Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) applicants. This is unique about this draw and sets the tone for how the Express Entry draw will be held in future. IRCC has made it clear through this draw that it will give preference to applicants whose skills align with the specific requirements of a particular province.

Increased Competition Calls for Better Preparation

With every passing draw more people are becoming aware of the different routes to apply successfully for Canada’s permanent residency. A provincial nomination is one such effective route. However, receiving a provincial nomination is not an easy task, so the CRS cut-offs were lower. But with increased awareness, more people are applying with a provincial nomination and this is pushing the CRS cut-off higher. You also need to be better prepared to increase your chances of acceptance in the invitation draw. If you want to be ahead in the race to become a permanent resident of Canada, you need to talk to immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

Adapting New Strategies in the Category-based Draws

When the Express Entry system was first introduced it had much open door policy compared to what it is now. Canada, with the passage of time, is learning and fine-tuning this immigration system to suit its requirements. The introduction of category-based draws in June 2023 by IRCC is a result of this fine-tuning. Some examples include STEM workers, healthcare professionals, or those with strong French language skills. Canada is more particular in what immigrants it wants on its land. 

Future Planning and Preparation for Aspiring Immigrants

Change in immigration plans from Canada demands a change in strategy for aspiring immigrants. Here we take a look at some considerations. Since the focus on PNP-specific draws is increasing, your qualifications should align with the PNP stream. Explore all the options available in the Provincial Nominee Programmes and apply to the ones that match closely.

CRS score is the name of the game. All the efforts, such as gaining more work experience, a higher education, acquiring a new skill, or learning the French language, aim to improve the CRS score. The better your position in the Express Entry pool, the better will be your chances of being selected in a draw. Take the assistance of the best PR immigration consultants in Chandigarh to apply with complete preparation.

Something active today may be gone tomorrow. Things are moving quickly in the present time and the need of the hour is to keep yourself updated. All the while you are preparing and applying for a visa you need to stay focused and updated, and adjust or adapt if any changes are seen.

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Looking Forward

IRCC is shifting its immigration priorities and the focus on PNP in the latest Express Entry invitation is a clear indication. Aspiring immigrants who actively develop skills in high-demand areas and change their strategies in pursuing provincial nominations will be in a better position to secure their Canadian dream. Remember, a well-informed and adaptable approach is key to navigating the evolving immigration landscape.

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