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Be a Magnet to Prestigious Scholarships for International Students

Be a Magnet to Prestigious Scholarships for International Students

Who says studying overseas is expensive? With so many scholarships available for international students, your dream of studying abroad is within easy reach. Almost every country that is exporting education has rolled out coveted scholarship awards if you qualify. It must be mentioned here that any economy that wants to grow cannot afford to lose the best of minds These scholarships are a way to say that if you have got the talent you are most welcome here.

Applications that carry consistently strong academic records, letters of recommendation from teachers and demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills, are picked up instantly to be awarded scholarships. Whether you want to study in Australia, Europe, Canada or the US, there are scholarships available that can unburden you from high tuition fees. We talked about scholarship options available in Australia in our earlier blog, here we take a look at options available in other countries.

Gold Mines for Students Aspiring to Study in the UK

High-achieving students across various disciplines aspiring to study in the UK are offered several prestigious scholarships, including the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme. It assists students with excellent academic performance and benefits them as they pursue higher education in the UK. These students are not able to study in the UK due to financial constraints.

Chevening is an international scholarship programme from the UK government. To avail of this scholarship, an applicant must submit one unconditional UK university offer, education documents and references. The fully-funded Chevening Scholarships covers the following expenditures: university tuition fees, a monthly stipend, travel costs to and from the UK, and the cost of one visa application. If you want to know more about scholarship opportunities, talk to overseas education consultants in Chandigarh.

Scholarships to Fund Your Studies in the US

Scholarships are one way to bridge the gap between the cost of attendance and need-based financial requirements. Highly motivated individuals who demonstrate outstanding qualities and remarkable work experience can be rewarded through Fellowships for Indian Students provided by the United States-India Educational Foundation.  

There are other university-specific merit-based scholarships available for Indian students aspiring to study in the US. These options include the Stanford Graduate School of Business Need-Based Fellowship which offers financial aid to MBA students regardless of their citizenship. 

How to Become a Magnet for Scholarship?

In the majority of the scholarship options that are available for international students, one does not have to apply specifically for them. Students are automatically considered for scholarships when they apply for a programme, and if they have already shown their calibre the benefit will be accorded to them. With that being said, how can you be a magnet for scholarships so that these rewards come to you?

Show that you are a dedicated student, as good academic records are the starting point to be considered for scholarships for studying in any country. This is something that will take its own time to accomplish, and there is no shortcut. The next checkpoint is how well you score on tests like IELTS, TOEFL and SAT. A high score here affects how good your application will look.

You are good at proving yourself, but how good others consider you will also be an important determining factor. Recommendation letters from teachers and professors will add glitter to your credibility. A well-written essay is your chance to talk about your plans and ambitions. Your current qualifications should align with the goals mentioned in the essay and should look convincing and practical enough.

Sports and extracurricular achievements of the students will also be considered as applications are evaluated for scholarships. Such achievements show that a student has been highly active during school time, likes to engage in multiple tasks and has demonstrated well-rounded skills. It is like an extra topping in the already long list of achievements that the student has and creates a profile that makes it impossible to be denied a scholarship.

Points to Remember

Showing that you are good enough to be granted a scholarship is important and it requires proper preparation. While submitting your application for admission to a given programme note the specific requirements that the scholarship category asks. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. Best of all, don’t tread this path alone, you must be good in academics or be an all-rounder, but seeking help from immigration consultants in Chandigarh will make a world of difference.

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