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Build a Bright Future with Legal Immigration, Not a Life on the Run

Embrace Respect with Legal Immigration, Renounce Life in Hiding

How much risk are you willing to take to immigrate to your dream country? Are you ready to risk your life just to be on the other side of the border? We all want a good life for ourselves and our children, but is it worth the years of humiliation and risking life? Shah Rukh Khan’s starer movie ‘Dunki’ has left little to the imagination of how the world of illegal immigration works. Ruling out that the story was hypothetical would be our shortsightedness, for the media is rife with news similar to what was shown in the movie.

We need to get our facts straight before we even think of illegal immigration. The most important is that developed economies like Canada, the USA, the UK, and other countries welcome immigrants provided they can contribute positively to their economy. We forget that the country we are immigrating to by breaking the law has little to no remorse for such people. Those caught have been straight away deported with no questions asked.

Why Immigrating Illegally is Not Worth It

We immigrate because we want a better life for ourselves, but when it is done illegally, the person does not get into the system of that country. An illegal resident will not receive essential public resources provided by the government such as the healthcare and education. In this case, these people have to live at sub-standard levels, most of the time even worse than their home country. 

Since illegal immigrants have no legal documents to work, and with not many options available, they easily agree to work for low wages. This way they affect the job market and also the wages at which legal residents work. The ill effect is not limited just to money being earned, as such people are exploited by employers, often working in unsafe conditions. What is worse of all, the only option they have is to suffer, as being undocumented workers, they cannot report it to anyone. Talk to immigration consultants in Chandigarh to know how you can immigrate to Canada legally.

Actions Resulting in Stricter Regulations

Illegal immigrants are willing to work at any wage offered, and as they are not in the system, they do not pay taxes. This means they are not only taking away the jobs from the native residents but are also not contributing towards government coffers. All this will ultimately be noticed by the local people of the place and someone somewhere may react to it. 

It is because of the illegal immigrants, that the image of the whole immigration clan gets spoiled and everyone has to bear the brunt. Once spotted, life becomes more difficult for illegal immigrants and they slide more into their cocoon. Much of the restrictions imposed by the government are a result of the mess that is being created by illegal immigrants.

A Desire that Overpowers Emotional Bond

As an individual, the most important thing in our lives is our family. We want to earn money only for the betterment of our family. Our bond with our parents and our children is above anyone, yet, as we step into the dark and dangerous world of illegal immigration, we put aside these emotional connections as well. The pull is so great that we even do not consider it important to discuss our plan with our family or friends. 

In all likelihood, neither our parents nor our children will consent to our decision to immigrate illegally, provided they are made aware of all the dangers that exist there. The fact that it is possible to lose life in the middle of nowhere and no one claiming to have the last rights. Even if we manage to get to the other side of the border, years of life in hiding await us. It is quite possible that we may not be able to contact our loved ones back home, or we may be tracked down. Isn’t that too much to risk for two good meals a day and a few laughter exchanges with our family and friends?

Know It To Avoid It

Prevention is better than cure, and to prevent it from happening you need to be aware of it. As you plan to immigrate, you should be familiar with ways and methods that can put you in the illegal category. It is not because you want to walk this path, but it saves you from stepping into it. For once caught, you cannot give the reason that you were not aware of such things, and get away with it. 

Crossing the border illegally is the first and foremost among all routes. Entering a country in the middle of the night or hiding among the bushes is by no means sensible. Overstaying the visa tenure also makes one illegal. Even though the immigrant entered the country legally, but is staying beyond the permitted duration, puts the person in an illegal category. Then there is a category of people who enter the country legally but by using fake documents, these people too form part of the illegal clan.

A Win-Win Situation with Legal Immigration

The desire for a better life is understandable, but using an illegal route and thereby risking your life for immigration does not make any sense. It’s as if we are climbing through a window and risking injury, despite having an open door nearby. When there are established legal procedures that have benefited people of all circumstances and requirements, why take the wrong route? At the end of the day you will live a life of respect and dignity and not in hiding. Talk to the best PR immigration consultants in Chandigarh to immigrate legally.

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