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Better Late Than Never: Canada Joins the Rest of the World in Recognising Master’s Degrees

Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit Update Lauded Worldwide

Canada’s immigration changes were like waiting for a bus: anticipated, then a sigh of relief when it finally showed up. Everyone’s cheering the latest update to their Post-Graduation Work Permit programme (PGWP), proving Canada finally recognises the master’s graduates who grease the wheels of their economy.

This is why anyone pursuing a master’s degree from Canada, even for less than two years, will be eligible to apply for three years of PGWP. The changes which became effective from February 15, 2024, further consolidates Canada’s stand that it has always welcomed a workforce that can contribute productively to its economy and has facilitated its smooth transition.

There is no better time than now, with the latest changes coming into effect, to pursue a master’s degree programme in Canada and enhance your prospects of becoming a permanent resident of the country. Talk to immigration consultants in Chandigarh on how you can apply for a suitable programme for studying in Canada.

Countries Offering Long Work Permits After Post-Graduation

The world’s most preferred study destinations for international students recognise the value of master’s degree graduates passing out from their educational institutions. Here is why, all these countries give them a chance to work for a while, providing an opportunity to be a part of their workforce, permanently.

With this new development, Canada moves to the front of the queue in the duration of post-study work visas offered by different countries. Here is a quick look at the duration of offerings by different countries:

  • Australia – 2 – 6 years 
  • Canada – 3 years
  • New Zealand – 3 years
  • France – 24 months
  • The UK – 2 years
  • Ireland – 12 months initially, extended up to eight years

A look at countries that offer three or more years of work permits to international students.

Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) from Australia

International students who want to live and work in Australia after completing their studies have to apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485). An extended 2-year stay can be awarded to applicants who hold a select degree.

An additional 2-year stay can be granted to those who already hold a Post-study Work Visa. Immediate family members of the applicant can also stay with them, however, applicants need to provide evidence of adequate health insurance and the required level of English. 

Temporary Graduate Visa (TGV) length is two years for a bachelor’s degree, three years for a master’s by coursework and master’s research, and four years for a Ph.D. Eligibility for a second TGV is 1 to 2 years for studying in a regional area (depending on location). Extension of post-study work right is 2 years for an eligible course of study. 

Post-Study Work Visa from New Zealand

Depending on the level of study and length of study in New Zealand, you can stay up to three years in the country after finishing your studies. It allows you to work for any employer, provided you have a level 7 degree (graduate degree) or above qualifications. 

However, if the qualification is non-degree level 7 or below then you can still work but only on a job that is related to your field of study. The qualification needs to be the list of eligible occupations for a post-study work visa.

Benevolent Post-Study Visa from Ireland 

The Government of Ireland issues a general employment permit for international students seeking graduate-level employment. Students who hold a level 8 or level 9 award from a recognised Irish awarding body can apply for this permit, which is granted for 12 months initially. This permit is renewable with an overall eight-year limit. An honours bachelor’s degree is considered a Level 8 award, whereas a postgraduate diploma/ master’s degree or higher is considered a Level 9 award. 

Work in the UK After Studying

Gain invaluable experience by working in the UK and pave your way to settle there permanently through a Graduate visa which allows a student to stay up to two years. Those who complete PhD or other doctoral programmes can stay for three years. You need to be in the UK and your Student visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa needs to be current. 

This visa holder can work in most jobs and can even be self-employed. A partner and children of the visa holder can also stay, and an additional plus point is you can travel abroad and return to the UK.

24 Months Post-Study Visa from France

International students who have completed their master’s degrees in France are issued a post-study visa which is issued for one year and can be renewed one time, for a maximum stay of two years. International students coming from India can apply for this visa within four years after obtaining their master’s degree in France. Suppose you would like to know more about the post-study work permit offered by different countries and how you can be eligible for one. In that case, it is advised to contact Canada PR immigration consultants in Gurugram

Higher Eligibility for a Better Life in Your Dream Country

Countries like The USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Europe, need competent and qualified manpower for their growth and if we can meet their expected standards, they hold the promise of providing a prosperous life, which is the best in the world. Pursuing a master’s or higher education in these countries opens more opportunities for us paving the way to settle there permanently.

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