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International Students’ Application to The UK Reach Pre-pandemic Levels

International Students’ Application to The UK Reach Pre-pandemic Levels

International students, live with them or without them! The latest development in the UK in the education sector is much in line with the ones in Canada. Here, too, the authorities don’t want to leave the benefits they receive from international students but fail to justify to local people that exporting education is an invaluable resource for the country. 

There is a rise in the number of international students applying for a UK study visa for two years in a row. This trend is seen, even though tougher government regulations are anticipated to slash immigration. Plus, universities in the UK are accused of lowering their recruitment standards for overseas students, who have to pay much more than local students. It is best to apply for a study visa for the UK now, before new regulations are introduced, talk to immigration consultants in Chandigarh to find complete details.

The Uneven Terrain

The number of international student applicants still needs to surpass the pre-covid level which saw a high of 116,000+ applications. International travel restrictions pushed the numbers down for two years, but the recovery has been seen ever since.

Even though the number of applications is increasing, there is a fall in the number of enrolments. As the universities are being blamed for lowering their admission standards for international students, the actual number of students they take in is significantly lower. 

All those blaming the universities and vouching to slash immigration have missed the point that international students are needed to fund domestic education. Cutting down on international students directly means that the facilities received by domestic students will have to be cut down.

Three-Fold Difference in Tuition

International students in the UK pay much more than their domestic counterparts, with the former paying over £30,000 per year for postgraduate courses as compared to just £9,250 per year paid by domestic students. One year group of international students bring in nearly £42 billion of economic benefits, along with boosting the UK’s “soft power” with its global networking and reputation.

A rise in tuition fees cap for domestic students in England is more than a decade old when in 2012 it was raised from £9,000 to £9,250 per year, and universities complain that it is way behind the inflation rate. The UK government cannot increase fees for domestic students, fearing political backlash and the only solution is in the form of enormous funding that comes with international students.

Education System Giving Up on Political Pressure

Universities in the UK complain that they have problems not only from competition from universities in Australia and the US but also from the negative influence of politics. There has been mounting political pressure to reduce immigration as the international enrollment of students has touched the pre-pandemic levels. 

Universities are crumbling under pressure and it is visibly clear as several of them announced job cuts recently fearing turbulent markets for students at home and abroad. The government will take into account, before coming out with new restrictions, that if the number of international students is reduced, several of the programmes offered to domestic students will have to be stopped. Treading carefully and preparing the right way, it is the most opportune time to apply for a UK study visa by taking the latest inputs from the best PR immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

Recognise Contribution Maintaining Balance

The accusation that international students are taking away home students’ place in the UK is without any base. The fact is quite the opposite, i.e. it is by exporting education, domestic students enjoy the numerous facilities. In place of suppressing this fact, the authorities should give the credit where it is due. As for aspiring students, they should rest assured that they can certainly fulfil their desire to study in their dream country and that the path will remain open forever.

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