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Building Tomorrow’s Canada: 7 In-Demand Skilled Trades Driving Success

Building Tomorrow’s Canada: 7 In-Demand Skilled Trades Driving Success

Latest technology is needed to take the country ahead, but skilled tradespeople are needed to build infrastructure where the latest technology can be built. Canada a land of continuous growth and opportunity is in ever-growing need for skilledtrades people who can contribute to the growth of their economy.

The booming construction industry and the ageing population are also fueling the demand for skilled workers in Canada. If you have a skill that requires manual dexterity, you can have a fulfilling career and a prosperous life in Canada.

Skilled Trades are the Economy’s Backbone

Skilled tradespeople can be considered the backbone of any thriving economy. These professions require practical skills and specialised knowledge to build, design, maintain and repair essential systems and infrastructure. From plumbers who ensure clean water flows freely to electricians who ensure that all the lights are working, keeping our communities functioning smoothly is looked after by skilled tradespeople. Connect with immigration consultants in Gurgaon if you are a qualified tradesperson and want to immigrate to Canada. 

Applying as a skilled tradesperson for immigrating to Canada requires filling up the application form legibly. Crucial among them is filling out the right National Occupation Classification (NOC) about your trade. Here is a complete list of the different occupations and their associated NOC. 

Here are 7 skilled trades that are in high demand in Canada

  1. Electricians

According to a source, from 2022 to 2031 there will be more than 45,000 new job openings for electricians (NOC 72200) in Canada, and their hourly wage will range from CAD 19-47. The increasing demand for renewable energy like wind and solar power has also opened up new and exciting opportunities for qualified electricians.

  1. Plumbers

Plumbers (NOC 7251) play a crucial role in maintaining the essential infrastructure, from fixing leaky pipes to ensuring clean water supplies. Over 2022-2031, more than 12,000 new jobs will open up for plumbers paying hourly wages of CAD 33-45. The ageing plumbing system and growing population of Canada mean there will be a consistent demand for qualified plumbers.

  1. Carpenters

Carpenters (NOC 72310), the masterminds behind the wooden structures that shape our furniture, are in high demand in commercial and residential construction projects. An expected 37,000 new job openings will be there from 2022 to 2031 for carpenters, offering hourly wages of CAD 20-42. Those who specialise in finishing, framing, and installing various woodworking elements can look forward to a better life in Canada.

  1. Welders

Any big machinery we see around us has been worked on by a welder (NOC 72106). From the simple skill of joining metals, welders are engaged in manufacturing pipelines to building bridges and ships. More than 17,000 welders will be required by Canada in this decade from 2022 to 2031 and will be paid an hourly wage of CAD 20-42. Canada needs highly skilled welders across various industries as there is a strong focus on infrastructure development. 

  1. Industrial Mechanics

Installation, maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery used in production and manufacturing facilities are looked after by industrial mechanics (NOC 72400). New job openings for industrial mechanics are expected to total 36,000 from 2022-2031. A skilled tradesperson in this field will earn CAD 21-46 per hour. The manufacturing sector of Canada is evolving and industrial mechanics with diverse skills will be in strong demand.

  1. Construction Electricians

New job openings for construction electricians (NOC 72200) are expected to total 45,000 in this decade and qualified and experienced tradespersons in this field can earn CAD 19-47 per hour. Construction electricians need to have expertise in the safe and efficient operation of electrical systems in new buildings or industrial setups. Is your profession in demand in Canada, Canada PR immigration consultants in Gurugram can help you in your search.

  1. Heavy Equipment Operators

From graders and excavators to bulldozers and operating cranes, those who can operate heavy equipment are readily demanded by Canada. A total of 31,000 heavy equipment operators (NOC 73400) will be required over the period 2022-2031 and will be paid CAD 21-42 per hour. A growing resource extraction sector and large-scale infrastructure projects are igniting the demand for heavy equipment operators.

Immigration Journey for Skilled Tradespersons

Working as a skilled tradesperson in Canada not only offers competitive salaries and job security but also provides the satisfaction of building something tangible and contributing directly to the well-being of the community. If you have any of the above skills, Canada is ready to welcome you with open arms.

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