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Can Students Support Themselves With Part-Time Jobs Overseas?

Part-time Jobs and Overseas Studies: Learn the Balancing Act

Steering through student life and reaching a profession can be tough, given the fact that education is simply expensive, be it in your country or overseas. For Indian students, the option to work part-time acts as a soothing cushion that reduces the financial burden of studying in a different country. But, how much use can this part-time job be? Can it be good enough to provide complete financial support to students? Let’s take a look at this factor from different aspects.

Expenditure of Studying Abroad

To ascertain if a student can support themselves through part-time jobs, let’s first take a look at how much it costs to study overseas. As per EduCanada, tuition fees range from CAD7,000 to CAD22,000 per year, and CAD15,000 per year living cost for college students.

For studying at a university, undergraduate students will have to spend CAD36,000 per year and graduate students will spend CAD21,000 per year in tuition fees. Converting into Indian Rupees, the cost of studying in Canada for an Indian student varies from 18 – 30 Lakhs per year. Moreover, with the changes in place, a single applicant must show CAD20,635, which reflects 75% of the low-income cut-off, in addition to tuition and travel costs.

Earning Through Part-Time Jobs

Taking in a general scenario, as per a trusted job portal, the average base salary for international students in Canada is CAD18 per hour and allowed to work 20 hours a week, pocketing CAD360 in a week. This totals around CAD 1400 per month, i.e. between 80,000 and 90,000 INR in a month.

We can conclude from this calculation that financial expenditure can be reduced to a greater extent, but it cannot be taken care of completely. If one can push a little and work on weekends even then it is quite possible that overseas education can be self-funded by the student. Still, one will compromise on the education and will be exerting too much.

It is worth mentioning here that some countries allow international students to work for more hours a week, while others allow less. Payment per hour can also vary, but the above calculation puts us at the median level and is suitable to come to a conclusion.

Why Part-Time Jobs are Important?

The concept of part-time jobs introduced by overseas countries for international students aims to facilitate their smooth transition into their system. It has never been the other way round and is kept at 20 hours per week. The mandatory regulation that students should have sufficient funds to study overseas, itself signifies that part-time jobs are not meant to fund their education. Students who take up jobs that complement their field of study improve skill mobility which turns out highly beneficial in the long run. For more information, you can always get in touch with the study visa consultants in Gurugram.

Student life is not just about acquiring the academics, but it is also about learning to live life in a better way. Here are some tips that will be of immense help to you:

4 Tips to Keep Expenditure Under Check While Studying Abroad

1.       Schedule Your Priorities – Balancing study, work, and enjoyment is crucial during student life. Allocate time as per how important a thing is, for instance, enjoyment should always be at the bottom among the three.

2.       Stay Organised – Studying and completing your degree should be your priority as you begin an overseas journey. You should not be carried away by the prospect of earning while studying or by other attractions.

3.       Strategic Time Management – Use a diary or a scheduler to allocate time to every task. Managing time means managing money and if you are in control of your time, you are in control of your money.

4.       Manage Stress – Before taking the leap to study overseas, you should have a blueprint of the expenditures and how they will be managed. Over-reliance on a part-time job to pay your expenditures can only lead to unwelcoming stress.


Part-time jobs while studying overseas should be taken from the angle to feel the working environment in a new country. Students should concentrate more on acclimatising themselves in a completely new place rather than rushing to self-fund their education completely. There are surely going to be ample opportunities to earn as much as you want once you complete your studies.

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