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Canada’s Express Entry Rolls First Draw of 2024, Sets Higher Immigration Target

New Year, New Hope: Canada Sets Higher Immigration Target

Let’s get the party started! Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is back in operation after the vacation as it rolls out the first Express Entry draw of 2024. It is certainly good news for the 1,510 candidates who received the invitation in the draw held on January 10, 2024, as reported on Canada’s official website.

Time for the invited candidates to start their journey to immigrate and settle in Canada. The cut-off for the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score stood at 546, so all those who had scored above this level were sent the invitation.

Canada’s Immigration Plan for 2024

Express Entry, an online immigration system, screens candidates having high levels of human capital. It deciphers that the person will succeed in the Canadian economy. Enhancements are being made to Express Entry by the Canadian government to tune it to further Canada’s economic growth.

The numbers form part of the larger Immigration Levels Plan for 2023 – 25, wherein Canada aims to welcome over 450,000 new permanent residents under different categories in 2024 and 2025, respectively. These numbers reiterate Canada’s claim that newcomers play a pivotal role in bringing renewed momentum to its economy.

This year’s immigration targets are markedly higher than that of 2023 when IRCC had plans to bring in 82,880 new immigrants by way of Express Entry. However, this immigration target does not mean that these numbers of people will be in Canada by the end of 2024. The projected target is the number of invitations that will be issued this year, but not every invitee will be able to move to Canada this year. The reason is, that it takes nearly six months for Canada to decide on granting permanent residency to an Express Entry application. This means invitations that will be issued in September or October 2024 will complete their processing in 2025.

Improve Score to be Invited

We are aware that the CRS cut-off has been hovering around 550 in general draws, so, candidates should upgrade their profile to bring their accumulative score to 550, thereby, giving them a better chance to get an invitation in the next draw.

How to Earn CRS Points?

Having requisite CRS points is the basic requirement to attain on-shore and off-shore immigration. It comprises of core set (education, experience, spouse or common-law partner factors), and an additional set (valid job offer, nomination, Canada connection, etc.), both carrying 600 points each. 

Applicants residing inside the country are at the advantage of accumulating these points as compared to those outside the country. Work experience in Canada can award a maximum of 80 points, something that an applicant from outside the country will be missing completely. Similarly, a maximum of 50 points can be awarded for studying in Canada.

In addition to that, familiarity with the culture by studying or working there helps permanent residency applicants secure more CRS points.

Educational qualification, additional language proficiency, and connection with the country help improve your CRS score. A doctorate-level degree can fetch the maximum points that is 150, the same number of points can be garnered for official language proficiency.

Moreover, age and CRS score are inversely proportional, the higher the age the fewer the points, and unfortunately, it cannot be altered. A 30-year-old applicant without a spouse will get 105 points, but after 5 years that same applicant will get 77 points if still unmarried and 70 points if married.

Furthermore, the profile of the spouse of a married applicant will play a detrimental role in attaining desired CRS points.

Acquiring a language skill, upgrading your credentials, or finding a connection with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident improves your chances considerably of being invited. A better way to ascertain your current standing and how you can improve your chances of immigrating to Canada is by taking guidance from the best PR immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

The Bottom Line

Canada’s Express Entry programme has been the most effective and efficient immigration programme till now. It has been fulfilling both for the Canadian government and aspiring immigrants as well. Thousands of people have settled peacefully and transitioned their lives for good by using this immigration pathway.

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