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Fashion Management: A Promising Career Option with Global Demand

Fashion Management: A Promising Career Option with Global Demand

The fashion industry is arguably one of the most glamorous industries in the world. Ritu Kumar, Manish Malhotra, Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein, are some of the names in the fashion world that require no introduction. There is no limit to the fame and financial prosperity that you can earn in the fashion industry. In our third take in the Careerology series, we take a look at a profession that is not tech-related, yet it provides career satisfaction like any other.

From fulfilling one of the primary requirements of humans to a $2,000 billion industry, apparel manufacturing is more than a mere commodity. Wearing clothes serves many more purposes than what they were created for initially. What we wear is a sign of affluence and our stature in the society. Pursuing a programme in fashion management, be it from India or Australia, the UK, or the USA, will equip you with the skills to tailor a successful career for yourself. Some big names from these countries include Dion Lee and Lisa Gorman from Australia, Paul Smith and Victoria Beckham from the UK, and Ralph Lauren and Mike Amiri from the USA.

Why Pursue a Career in Fashion Management

Fashion brands, just like any other business, should adapt to the changing landscape of the industry. They also have to keep track of the impact of popular cultures such as music, films, influencers, celebrities, etc. Supply chain issues and socioeconomic changes are some of the factors that also affect the current trends. Fashion managers are at the centre of this dynamic environment. 

A degree in fashion management will make you familiar with how and why fashion trends originate, and the life cycle of these fashion trends. You must have noticed that something in the wardrobe of your parents is back in fashion, or today’s kids may be seen wearing something that your elder sister used to wear. A perfect example is the Nylon bag from Prada that was launched in 1984, which is being seen again after many years of absence. As a fashion manager, you will control such dynamics for the organisation you work for.

Fashion is a global industry, things that are in trend in the US, or the UK today may soon catch up in the Asian region. Since it is a global industry, it also has to adhere to environmental concerns. Brands will have to adopt strategies to reduce their carbon footprint and come out with eco-friendly clothing materials. As a fashion manager, your task will be to communicate these goals to the wider team to ensure that they work together for a common purpose.

How to be a Good Fashion Manager

While you may own some of the traits naturally, still the demands of the job require you to have a formal education. Since technology and artificial intelligence have their influence on every industry, the fashion industry is not immune to it. Pursuing just any other degree to make a career in the fashion industry will not reap the maximum benefits. Here are some options to consider if you are aspiring to study in Australia, the UK, or the USA. Guidance more suited to your requirements can be had from overseas education consultants in Chandigarh.

SR NoUniversityCourseCareer Outcome
1RMIT UniversityMaster of Fashion (Design)These roles are in fashion enterprises, luxury and high fashion brands, as well as in related disciplines contexts of design, production, branding, communications, creative direction and styling, media, publications, and textile and product development.
2University of Technology SydneyBachelor of Design in Fashion and TextilesCareer options include fashion designer, textile designer, fashion producer, art/creative director, print designer, pattern cutter, fashion stylist and fashion forecaster.
3Manchester Metropolitan UniversityMSc International Fashion Business ManagementBusiness manager, branding/marketing executive, social media marketing executive, buyer and merchandiser.
4Heriot-Watt UniversityMSc Fashion and Textiles ManagementRetail Buyer, Retail Merchandiser, Store Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Retail Operations Manager, Retail Marketing Manager, E-commerce Manager, Fashion Retail Consultant
5Kent State UniversityFASHION INDUSTRY STUDIES – M.F.I.S.Upon course completion, students will be able to effectively synthesise ideas and present pragmatic and innovative research-based investigations. 
6Washington State UniversityMaster of Science (MS) – Apparel, Merchandising, and TextilesApparel Designer,  Marketing Manager, Technical Designer, Textile Product Developer, Market Analyst, Buying and Procurement, Ph.D. Studies, University Faculty, Retail Manager, Merchandiser, Entrepreneur.

Stay in Trend with Your Education

Careers that will require creativity and innovation will continue to demand human involvement forever. In this time, as many career options are becoming obsolete, it becomes increasingly important to pick a stream that can support you for a long time to come, and pursuing a career as a fashion manager fits right into it. Students who are investing to study overseas in Australia, the USA or the UK, should consider this seriously. Know more before pursuing a degree by talking to immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

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