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Prescribing Prosperity: Healthcare – Where Ethics and Earnings Align

Prescribing Prosperity: Healthcare - Where Ethics and Earnings Align

The priority of any human being, regardless of financial status is to lead a healthy life. There is nothing more priceless than a healthy body without any ailment. However, countries at all levels of socioeconomic development face challenges of varying degrees in maintaining a smooth functioning healthcare system. The fact that any country’s healthcare system is highly dependent on health workers is something that is always in need of more supply.

Some of you must have guessed the topic of the third take of Careerology series by now. Yes, it is the healthcare sector. It presents a formidable career option to all those juggling between career programmes to choose from. Whether you want to study in India or Canada, Australia, the UK, or the USA, this is one field that promises to provide both a financially rewarding and morally satisfying career. Plus, the respect you earn in the society is a bonus.

Why Choose the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry is one sector that is only possible with a human touch. Regardless of how technologically advanced we become, human interference will always be required when it comes to treating ailing patients. The healthcare sector provides more than just a workplace for those passionate about making a difference in the lives of people.

From nurses and doctors to therapists and technicians, there are countless roles by which one can contribute to the well-being of patients. Healthcare is the perfect fit for all those who are looking for a profession that combines intellectual challenge with purpose and phenomenal growth potential.

Global Demand for Healthcare Professionals

The demand for professionals in this industry is not limited to geographical boundaries. Developed economies, such as Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA are experiencing a shortage of healthcare professionals. For all those seeking to make a career in the healthcare sector, these countries offer attractive immigration pathways for appropriately qualified workers. Here we take a look at some numbers.

The US projects a significant growth in job opportunities for healthcare professionals. Crossing the Atlantic, the National Health Service of the UK faces an estimated 126,000 vacancies of which 43,000 are nurses. Moving to the other side of the globe, workforce demand in the healthcare sector will increase by almost 15% over the next five years in Australia. Canada shows a similar story when it comes to healthcare workers. 

Becoming a successful professional in the healthcare sector requires getting trained on best practices. The first step in this direction is to pursue a degree from a reputed university, be it in your own country or from Canada, Australia, the UK, or the USA. Here are some promising options available to you. In case you want to discuss some personal situation regarding this, then talk to overseas education consultants in Chandigarh.

SR NoUniversityCourseCareer Outcome
1Deakin UniversityMaster of Public HealthEpidemiologist, Community health worker, Public health policy coordinator, Global health professional, Disease and infection investigator, Environmental health specialist, Occupational health and safety specialist, Urban planner, Health educator,  Research analyst, Emergency preparedness and response coordinator, and Public health physician.
2Victoria UniversityMaster of CounsellingCounselling, family support, community work, multicultural services, school counselling, palliative care, welfare services, refugee services, and youth work.
3University of PlymouthMSc Global HealthOne can work at senior level positions after completing this programme positions as a medical doctor or for any allied health professional. One becomes suitable to perform varied roles across the globe be it short-term partnerships through NHS or longer duties with organisations such as MSF, VSO, and the British Antarctic Survey.
4Northumbria UniversityMSc Healthcare ManagementThe programme will equip you to work in healthcare management across government or public services, voluntary organisations, private organisations globally and non-governmental organisations.
5California State UniversityMaster of Public HealthAnalytical/assessment skills, policy development/program planning skills, communication skills, health disparities/cultural sensitivity skills, public health sciences skills, financial planning and management skills, leader and systems thinking skills
6Southeast Missouri State UniversityMaster of Business in Health AdministrationHealth Policy Analyst, Health Information Manager, Healthcare Policy Advocate, Hospital Operations Manager
7Brock UniversityMaster of Public Health (MPH)Students will be able to plan, implement, and evaluate policies and/or programmes in public health.
8Trinity Western UniversityMaster of Arts – Leadership – Health CareStudents acquire skills that are needed to adapt to the growing complexity and changing priorities of the healthcare sector.

A Healthy Career Choice

There is no better feeling when you help someone get healthy. Framing a career on this feeling of moral satisfaction can be the best way to spend life. The healthcare sector of developed economies like Canada, Australia, the USA, and the UK is highly advanced and pursuing a healthcare programme there makes for a sensible choice. Discuss a better career prospect with immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

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