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How Quebec’s Family Sponsorship Cap Will Force Immigrants to Rethink Plans

How Quebec’s Family Sponsorship Cap Will Force Immigrants to Rethink Plans

One province after another, and one measure after another, Canada seems to be in full-fledged correction mode of its immigration system. For thousands of aspiring immigrants, new rules are unwelcoming, forcing them to change their immigration plans. However, these rules are an effort to make the lives of immigrants better. Canada wants to ensure that it brings in only that number of immigrants who can be accommodated easily and can be offered a good life for which they came here.

Quebec’s Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) announced to limit the number of family sponsorship applications that it will accept annually. The announcement has left aspiring immigrants in a difficult position, as they will now have to rework their plans. Here we take a look at the impact of this announcement on individuals, the implications of this policy, and what can be the plan of action for aspiring immigrants.

Change of Plans in Family Reunification

A capping of 13,000 over two years in the number of applications to be accepted brings considerable uncertainties for families. The number of spots available is limited, so those planning to bring their parents, grandparents, adult children, or partners will have to race to submit their application or wait longer. The dream of reuniting with the family will take longer than usual bringing emotional strain on the family.

There will be a limitation on the number of spouses/partners and adult children applications (10,400) that will be accepted. The same will be for parents’ and grandparents’ applications (2,600). This means applicants will have to decide whom to bring with them and whom to leave. Even though every family member is important and irreplaceable, in situations like these we will have to decide who needs more attention than the others.

However, some glimmer of hope is offered through exemptions. Applications for minor children for adoption, dependent children, and adult disabled children are exempted. This indicates that Quebec is pushing towards bringing dependents who require more care or attention to the family. Find out more about immigrating to Canada by talking to the best PR immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

Other Reasons for Bringing This Limitation

Such a big step cannot be without reasons for support. The Quebec government has highlighted concerns over the housing crises in the province for bringing this rule. The situation of housing crises is in turn being blamed on the increase in the number of temporary residents. By bringing this limitation, the province is trying to manage population growth and ensure that there is sufficient housing available for both new and existing residents.

The government’s desire to bring in responsible population management is understandable. However, the new rules also raise the question of how it will affect individual aspirants. Reuniting with family members is considered a powerful motivator for immigration, but this policy will prolong, if not prevent, the building of life in Quebec with loved ones.

Looking Forward to a Call for Action

Putting aside the reasons for bringing this rule, it is quite possible, provided its outcome is positive, that other provinces too may follow in the footsteps of Quebec. It is an early warning that all the immigrants living in different parts of Canada and planning to reunite with their family members by sponsoring them should take prompt action. Talk to immigration consultants in Chandigarh and prepare with proper planning.

There is a need to clearly outline the criteria that will be used to give priority to applications within the cap. Plus, aspiring immigrants should also be informed about the pace at which applications will be accepted so those waiting to submit their applications can manage their time. 


There is no second thought that the family sponsorship cap from Quebec casts a shadow of uncertainty for thousands of aspiring immigrants. Even though the government’s point of bringing this change, i.e., the housing crisis is valid, yet, it does call for a change of plans for the end user. Communicating with an immigration expert on this matter can be fruitful.

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