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UGC-NET Cancellation Exposes Vulnerable Education System, Raises Questions

UGC-NET Cancellation Exposes Vulnerable Education System, Raises Questions

One indomitable thing that this world runs on is ‘trust’, without which there is nothing. Be it your personal or professional relationship, be it seller or buyer, aspiring international students and overseas institutions, everything moves ahead on trust. This trust takes years of continuous efforts to build and just one second to break.

A recent news flash a few days back eroded this trust. It rocked the lives of hundreds of thousands of students, leaving their future hanging in the balance. Almost a year of hard work, if not more, turned into nothing within a second. The government cancelled the UGC-NET exam, citing reasons that “integrity has been compromised.” 

More than nine lakh candidates across 317 cities appeared for the UGC-NET exam. The incident completely cornered the academic community just as it was recovering from the fallout of the NEET leak. The two incidents completely expose the deep vulnerabilities in the examination system of the country, leaving parents, students, and educators reeling.

Candidates affected by this fallout must look for other options to save their year and future. A career in the academic field can also be pursued overseas, for this they can talk to the best PR immigration consultants in Chandigarh. It is better to move overseas rather than wait for the uncertain environment to settle down, especially since the end to these woes is not in sight. 

Casting a Shadow on Future Prospects

The cancellation of the UGC-NET is a cruel blow for all aspiring professors. Appearing for the exam involves the financial cost of coaching and materials, months of dedicated preparation, and not to forget the emotional investment. All this has gone down the drain. 

As the exam stands cancelled, it is not yet clear if the exam will be rescheduled and when.  What action will be taken as the academic timelines are being disrupted? These questions hang heavy on the minds, as the case is being probed, casting a shadow on their prospects. 

The effect of this incident is far-reaching, as parents also bear the brunt of this fiasco. It is not just the investment, for they have their dreams connected with the children. It not only puts a financial strain on the families but leaves them with no clue as to where to head in the future. 

Fairness and Transparency: Need of the Hour

This cannot be a standalone incident, which will make headlines for a few days and be forgotten in history. This is an incident which will give sleepless nights to all the aspirants in the future, as they will find it difficult to believe that such incidents will not happen in future. It is about trust in the system.

The incident has exposed the loopholes in the education system. The leaks and cancellations put a big question mark on the effectiveness of security measures that are in place. Are the examination process in safe hands and what procedure is being followed to prevent tampering? Talented individuals who work dedicatedly lose trust in the system of its fairness and transparency.

Talking of trust in the education system, universities and colleges in Canada, Australia, the UK, and the US have built strong reputations over the years. These countries have strong and stable economies and studying and working at these places have numerous benefits. Only 10 per cent of the candidates who appear for such competitive exams are selected. In place of competing for a limited number of seats, where there are slim chances of selection, it is better to explore options of moving overseas. 

Impact Beyond Students and Parents

UGC exams are conducted to fill the shortage of qualified professors in universities and colleges across the country. These incidents will delay the recruitment of qualified candidates putting a strain on resources that is already stretched. Ultimately, it impacts the quality of higher education that is imparted.

Stringent security measures and robust digital infrastructure are the need of the hour. Regaining the trust of students and parents will take a long time. However, in a country like India, students don’t have many options to look elsewhere for pursuing a career in the education sector. The high dependency on a single exam to recruit qualified candidates has also caused so much chaos.

Exploring Alternative Options

While clearing the UGC-NET exam has its importance and significance, but, incidents like these can shake faith beyond recovery. For thousands of students, they cannot keep waiting till a decision is made. A promising option is to look beyond national borders. You can explore different options on how to pursue a career as a professor in Canada, Australia, the UK, or the US, by talking to overseas education consultants in Chandigarh.

The Path Forward

The cancellation of UGC-NET is a wake-up call for the authorities. The education system is raising the alarm that it needs to be revamped. Those who are tarnishing society for a handful of money should understand that what goes around comes around. Professors who want to save a year can consult to explore the path ahead.

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