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Indian Diaspora Changing World’s Perception of Immigration

Indian Diaspora Changing World’s Perception of Immigration

Need skilled, qualified, hardworking and smart manpower? Contact India! With nearly 18 million Indians living abroad, India undisputedly tops the list of countries with the largest diaspora in the world. The impact of the growing Indian diaspora is substantial as they are not just saving but also investing and spending in several ways both in India and abroad.

According to the Reserve Bank of India, bank accounts of non-resident Indians received $8bn in the fiscal year 2022 – 23. This accumulation was more than twice when compared to the previous fiscal year. Remittance payments back to India have reached a record high of $125bn in 2023. This shows the major role that Indians are playing in circulating money across the globe. 

There was a time when Indians were looked down upon by many countries globally. India was largely considered a place where people go for religious sanctity. However, the last decade has seen a major shift in this role, and the Indian diaspora everywhere is making a much greater contribution. If you have the skills to positively contribute to a country’s economy, talk to the best PR immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

Indians Leading Global Innovation and Investment

Developed economies are known for their advanced technologies, India, on the other hand, can proudly say that its youth is contributing to developing such technologies. At present, there are more than 13 lakh Indian students who are studying abroad, and nearly half of them have moved to North America. Australia and the UK account for a total of 20% of Indian students studying abroad. The USA has more than four lakh Indian students, and Canada has nearly two lakh students. 

India is only second to China in sending students to the USA, Australia, Germany, and the UK, and tops the list in sending students to Canada. Taking just two countries, Canada and the US, more than $15 billion is being put in as tuition fees in these two economies. Along with the enormous amount of money that is being spent, there is also energetic youth that is full of bright ideas and good knowledge dedicating themselves to everyone’s growth.

Employment Generation through Immigration

In all countries combined, hundreds of thousands of applications are being processed annually. The immigration authorities themselves are being kept busy by aspiring immigrants from India who apply to move to different countries. The more the number of applications coming in means more people need to be employed to process them.

Almost every industry is benefiting from immigration from India. The first point is the housing or real estate sector. The first thing that any immigrant would want to invest in is a house. As immigration is increasing from India, so is the demand for homes to live in. This in turn is generating employment in the real estate industry. The transportation sector, grocery stores all around, anyone and everyone is benefiting from more number of people there are. 

Entrepreneurs among Indian Immigrants

All those who are complaining that Indian immigrants take up jobs from the local people need to pay attention to this. More than 90 Indian immigrants in the US feature in the top list of business startups. Another report says immigrants from India have founded more than half of startups in America that are valued at $1 billion or higher. 

This is just one of the many examples that are there to support the fact that Indian immigrants have been setting up businesses in Europe, Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world. These numbers completely oppose the perception of numerous people who believe that immigrants from India are taking away jobs. The fact is quite the opposite as Indian immigrants across the globe have been employment generators.

Change Perception, Don’t Change Rules

Some of the major economies of the world have been on a spree to change rules to reduce immigration. This is not all, aspiring immigrants now have to undergo higher scrutiny to show that they are a perfect fit to live in their country. To say the least, things have become difficult for those with a genuine interest in settling in a new country. It is high time that authorities and people should rise to the occasion and change their perception towards Indian immigrants rather than changing rules. Know more to reap maximum benefits from your immigration plans by talking to immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

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