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Live the American Dream Safely: Tips for International Students

Live the American Dream Safely: Tips for International Students

The number of Indian students moving to the United States of America for higher education has reached a record-breaking level of 125,000. India, surpassing China, is now the number one country in the world sending students to the US. We draw two things from this update, first, the US has become more welcoming than ever and maintains its dominance as the most preferred destination for international students.

Second, there have been some undesirable incidents towards Indian students studying there. This raises the need for increased vigilance and awareness among international students as they study, travel and live in the US. Here we share how international students can ensure safety while living in the United States.

As an international student, you must become familiar with the new surroundings and try to build relations with local people along with people from your country. Learn about the safe hours to travel, safe routes and means to travel and about the ‘don’t go’ places, for occasions when you have to travel alone. The US is a welcoming nation and is safe for everyone, however, our safety is our responsibility.

Understanding the Art of Adaptability

America, since time immemorial, has uninterrupted love for India and Indian students. However, just like at any new place, studying in the US has its challenges. Here we discuss some of them along with their probable mitigation: 

Mental and Emotional Drain: Moving to a new country can be mentally and emotionally draining. When everything is new around us, including people, and the environment, we tend to be more conscious than normal. With time and thanks to the welcoming environment of the US, things return to normal soon.

Access to Justice and Support System: Being in a new country some students may not trust authorities and report incidents. International students should seek help from the student care centre at the college they are studying in case they face any such problems. 

Social Isolation and Cultural Adjustments: Adjusting to a new environment takes time and patience along with an appreciation of new cultures. Students should not isolate themselves as these incidents are happening, rather have a soft corner and the ability to adapt as they move to a new place.

For Indian students, cultural and social change is easy to explain, particularly if they have travelled across India. Imagine a student from Himachal travelling to Bangalore to study. The cultures of the two places are markedly different, along with language blockage. The rules of adjustment and appreciation are almost identical when a student is moving from Himachal to Bangalore or from India to the US.

A Shared Responsibility Towards Safety

The US understands the importance of international students and makes things efficient when it comes to issuing student visas. The authorities are aware and dedicated to the safety of Indian students. This assurance of safety has come from the US ambassador to India, as the international student community expands and spreads to different areas of the country.

The need of the hour, as highlighted by the US ambassador to India, is to have a shared responsibility towards safety. The fact that the US has the highest number of students from India calls for increased responsibility. The US government continues to play its role and expects the same from international students. Find out how to conduct yourself properly while studying and living in a different country by talking to overseas immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

The Takeaway

Just as we embrace the process of adapting to new environments, it’s important to recognise that the local communities in destination countries also undergo a similar adjustment period. The United States has consistently upheld its reputation as a warm and inclusive destination for international students. Occasionally, isolated incidents may receive undue global attention, particularly when involving individuals from two prominent democracies. However, it’s essential to understand that such occurrences are often interpersonal conflicts that have unfortunately escalated, rather than reflective of broader societal issues. Despite occasional conflicts, the United States remains a welcoming place for international students.

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