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Understanding Australia’s Genuine Student Requirement as a Visa Applicant

Understanding Australia’s Genuine Student Requirement as a Visa Applicant

Endless speculations surrounded as Australia announced its plans to replace the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) with the Genuine Student (GS) requirement. All the details are out and applications lodged on and after March 23, 2024, will have to get a green signal from this requirement.

There was a lot of guessing game going on as to why Australia has brought this replacement and what its ultimate motive is. Now as the details are in our hands, and combining it with our years of experience this is what we can understand. 

What is Meant by a Genuine Student?

With so much news and editorials being circulated as the Genuine Student requirement was announced, it has become nothing short of a demon for us. Let us try and understand why it is here. By genuine student, it means that the primary purpose of the student is to study and pursue a higher education, something that is not available in the home country.

A science background student who wishes to pursue a programme in arts and humanities certainly does not come with a genuine interest in studying. Many times a course is pursued just because it has lower fees or the seats are available, ultimately paving the way for permanent residency.

What Evidence and Information Australia is Looking at?

Previous study of the student should align with the programme he or she wants to pursue. This applies to both who have studied in Australia or outside. Questions that may be asked include: Why only the particular course? And what are the subjects/topics of the course? Someone who is not from a matching field will not be able to answer these questions.

Details about current employment and circumstances in the home country will also be asked and checked by Australia. They will analyse how good your relations are with your family members with questions such as any siblings, what are they doing now? What is your work experience and to which bank it is credited? Contact immigration consultants in Chandigarh who can take you through the specifics and help you showcase a genuine desire to be a student in Australia.

Clear and Concise Response for Precise Assessment

The fact that a requirement of a 300-word write-up/statement is being replaced with questions and answers, shows that Australia is looking for clear and precise responses to assess whether a prospective student is genuine or not. These questions will require students to explain their current situation, plans, and study motivations. Students will have to support their answers with adequate evidence, such as employment documents or transcripts.

An important point to evaluate through this process is why the prospective student is not pursuing the programme in their home country. If the programme is available in the home country and is of a good standard then it questions students’ genuine intention to study in Australia. Financial stability will also be checked through questions such as, how did you pay for university fees, or who are your sponsors? A student who is not able to answer such questions correctly may face rejection.

Consideration for Post-Study Work Options

In the details for the Genuine Student requirement, it has been mentioned that students who after studying in Australia develop skills Australia needs can go on to apply for permanent residency. This clearly shows that Australia wants international students to settle there permanently provided they are of worth to the economy. This arrangement should come out naturally, not by force. A student who is from some other field, but wants to pursue a particular programme in Australia that is in high demand, may not be accepted because the intentions are not genuine.

It puts to rest all the speculations that Australia is discouraging international students from studying in their country. This assessment wants to know the ultimate goal and aim of students as they want to pursue different programmes in Australia. The aspiring student should be aware of what it takes to pursue a particular programme and what it means to live and study here.

Change of Plans Not Allowed While in Australia

A common shortcut to bypass the lengthy scrutiny required to obtain a study visa for Australia was to initially apply for a visitor visa and then convert it to a student visa while in Australia. Those travelling on visitor visas had an obvious reason they were impressed by the infrastructure of educational institutions and decided to study.

This way they bypassed many of the mandatory requirements applicable to student visa applications. This migratory path was used so much that it came to the authorities’ notice and they decided to lock it. With the migratory strategy, the government may impose no further stay conditions (8503) on visitor visas.

The Takeaway

The process has changed but the aim is still the same, to find out genuine interest in students for studying in Australia and contributing to the country’s future. Australia does not want to have people who come as students and in the middle of their study tenure leave their studies and move to full-time working. Proving that you are genuine requires answering the questions in a set pattern while applying for a student visa. Prepare well under experienced guidance by talking to overseas education consultants in Chandigarh.

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