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Many Phases of Canadian Immigration from Open Doors to Targeted Selection

Many Phases of Canadian Immigration from Open Doors to Targeted Selection

An invitation draw by Canada is nothing short of a festival. By the middle of the year 2024, this festival has been celebrated 19 times, giving more than 42,000 aspirants a chance to become permanent residents of Canada. Invitation rounds that are being held are now more targeted and much different from the draws that were held when the Express Entry system started. 

The Express Entry system, formed in 2015, was designed to replace the old system, which was considered slow and cumbersome. By using a points-based system for ranking candidates, Express Entry streamlined the immigration process. The new system also removed the arbitrary selection process which was there in the previous system, as the new point system proved to be more transparent and fair.

Points Given on Human Factors

The shape and structure of invitation draws held under the Express Entry system have changed considerably in the past nine years since its inception. Earlier invitation rounds were ‘general’ issuing invitations to anyone who scored the required minimum points overall. No special treatment was given for additional language or a particular job experience. With the passage of time, when the dire need for manpower was fulfilled, there was a change of approach from Express Entry and targeted immigration became more of a norm. 

Canada has become more selective about who can come to their country. For example, in the 19 draws less than half have been general type. Among the draws that are held in 2024, four are for French Language Proficiency (Version 1). It is also worth noting that the CRS score of the lowest-ranked candidate has been markedly lower with a maximum of 410. Talk to immigration consultants in Chandigarh to find out how many points you need to have to move to Canada.

While we are discussing the changing phases of the immigration system from Canada, let’s take a look at the different clans of people who move there. First are the young and energetic students who want to pursue higher education. International students provide the maximum benefit, as they spend money while pursuing their studies and later contribute to the economy by working long hours. The other two distinct clans are the working class who want to move to Canada in search of better opportunities and to run away from the toxic work environment. The third clan are the parents with the desire to provide a better learning ground for their children.

Toxic Environment is Turning Many to The Land of Opportunity

The search for better working conditions pushes thousands of people to move to Canada every year. The hospitable working environment of Canada is quite tempting for anyone who has good qualifications and work experience. The opportunity to learn and grow is much more in developed countries like Canada. A healthy work culture and strong labour protection in Canada act as a significant draw for such people. 

A work-life balance and consideration for the well-being of the workers is an attraction for professionals looking to escape the toxic and stressful work environment. Canada ranks highly when it comes to the quality of life, including leisure activities and access to education. The social safety net in Canada is much better with facilities such as unemployment benefits, paid parental leave and universal healthcare.

The Takeaway

With the change of time, the look and working of immigration systems have changed as well. The procedure that was effective earlier for aspiring immigrants will not be effective now. The need of the hour is to tread the hour carefully. 

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