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Mechanical Engineering: Your Ticket to an Exciting, Rewarding and Stable Career

Mechanical Engineering: Your Ticket to an Exciting, Rewarding and Stable Career

Imagine a future where you are getting a haircut from a robot or you hire a robot cook. Well, at present such thoughts might amuse us, but with the speed at which machines and artificial intelligence interact, such days are just around the corner. In our second take of Careerology series, we discuss a profession that is just as important as the one discussed in our earlier article.

From designing spacecraft to a wall clock, mechanical engineering can be found in anything with movement. The demand for mechanical engineers will be forever till mankind has the desire to grow and make life easy. With over 10 per cent job outlook through this decade, mechanical engineering presents as a stable and rewarding career option, even to those planning to study overseas in countries like the US, Australia or the UK.

What will Drive the Demand for Mechanical Engineers in Future?

The advent of automation will change everything, so mechanical structures that are effective today will have to adapt to the change. As robotics and artificial intelligence are taking over the world, the demand for mechanical engineers is only slated to increase. Countries that are at the top of the line in adapting AI and automation, like the US, the UK and Australia, will be at the front of generating demand for mechanical engineers. 

As per a report, the demand for machines replacing humans, particularly post-pandemic, has accelerated. Demand for people performing mechanised work will reduce and will be replaced by professionals controlling and operating those machines. In short, some jobs will go down in the history books, while many new types of jobs will be born. Technical skills and complex intellect will be at the heart of these new types of jobs. 

The question is where do mechanical engineers stand in this power shift? The creativity and imagination plus the technical skills that mechanical engineers bring to the table are beyond any match. Mechanical engineers in future will have to plan and design the working of these automated machines. Their role will increase particularly when technology becomes more complex and mechanical structures have to respond accordingly.

Demand for Mechanical Engineers will be Everywhere

Five or ten years from now, we may instruct our car to drive us to our destination while we attend a conference meeting on a transparent heads-up display. Or, we may tap an app to instruct a robot at our home to do the cleaning. Days of keeping a driver or a housemaid are possibly numbered. In such a time and age, there will certainly be a demand for high-calibre mechanical engineers who are out-of-the-box thinkers and have a grip on emerging trends and technologies.

If you as a mechanical engineer are capable of solving problems by drawing up your skills and experience, you are practically indispensable. A high-paying and highly satisfying career across diverse industries is there before you. Any country that wants to be in the League of Technology superpower, will forever value and want to hire expert intellects in the field of mechanical engineering.

Formidable Study Options for Staying Competitive

Any student looking for a programme to pursue has a formidable option in the form of mechanical engineering. The fact that technology will drive the future, so we need to be with the technology at all times, be it in our personal or professional lives. However, attaining competency and technical knowledge requires both continuous hard work and an educational institution with a curriculum and infrastructure tuned to future demands. 

There are several good institutions available to pursue a career in mechanical engineering for those aspiring to study abroad, i.e. the US, Australia, or the UK. Here we take a look at some of the promising educational institutions, the programmes they offer and the prospective career outcomes. You can also talk to overseas educational consultants in Chandigarh to find a programme that suits your requirements.

SR NoUniversityCourseCareer Outcome
1Macquarie UniversityMaster of Engineering (Professional) in Mechanical EngineeringAerospace Engineer, Automotive Engineer, Control and Instrumentation Engineer, Design and Manufacturing Engineer, HVAC Engineer, Maintenance and Manufacturing Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, Process Engineer, Research and Development Manager.
2University of New South WalesMaster of Engineering Science (Robotics)Pursue a range of careers in industries and sectors, including Automation, Robotics, Engineering Design, Propulsion Systems, Control Systems, and Technology.
3University of East LondonMSc Mechanical EngineeringConsultancy, Engineering, Project Managers, Designers, Senior Managers
4University of SurreyMSc Advanced Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineer, Automotive Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Robotics Engineer, Product Development Engineer, Consultant Engineer, Project Manager, Research and Development (R&D) Engineer, Energy Engineer.
5San Francisco State UniversityMaster of Science in Mechanical EngineeringThe programme helps students develop careers in the fields of energy systems, thermofluids, mechatronics, robotics, materials, and biomechanics.
6California State University, SacramentoMS in Mechanical EngineeringThe programme provides specialisations in areas such as design and dynamic systems, manufacturing and material engineering, aerospace systems, and thermal and fluid systems.

Change Thinking with Change of Place

When you move abroad to study, it should not just be a physical transformation, but also of your thought process. You want to study in countries like Australia, the USA, or the UK because they are technologically advanced and offer a better life. So it is important to think about how they are thinking, or what they want from their international students. A profession that worked wonders for someone 20 years ago, may be extinct five years from now. So pick a study programme accordingly. For more refined guidance on your study abroad plans, talk to immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

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