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Scholarships from Western Sydney University: Studying in Australia is Easier for International Students

Generous Scholarships Open Doors to Study in Australia

The world’s best universities are at the top of their game because of their distinguished academics and state-of-the-art facilities. These institutions also stand out for their heartwarming scholarships that encourage students to study and frame a prosperous life.

One of Australia’s leading institutions, Western Sydney University, offers amazing scholarships to international students both for undergraduate and postgraduate streams. Studying in this multi-campus public research university can be highly rewarding. Managing finances becomes easy with big scholarships. 

Here are Some Features of the Scholarships Offered:

  • There is no requirement to submit a separate application for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to avail of the scholarship.
  • Consideration for scholarships is made automatically as you will apply for new coursework.
  • The Offer of Admission letter, if the candidate is awarded a scholarship, will outline the related details.

Here is a quick look at the different programmes for which scholarships are offered and the requirements to be fulfilled from the student’s end:

UGAll Bachelor Courses except for Nursing and Doctor of MedicineAUD 3000 Multi-YearState Board – 70% in the best of 4
   CBSE/ICSE – 60% in the best of 4
   IB Score of 24
UGBachelor of NursingAUD 3000 Multi-YearState Board – 80% in the best of 4
   CBSE/ICSE – 70% in the best of 4
   IB Score of 26
UGAll Bachelor Courses except for  Doctor of MedicineAUD 6000 Multi-YearState Board – 85% in the best of 4
   CBSE/ICSE – 75% in the best of 4
   IB Score of 28
PGAll Master’s Programmes (No cut-off: applies to 11 specific programmes)AUD 3000 Multi-YearGPA of 4.4 on the scale of 7
   Sec 1 & 2 Universities (63% > 75%)
   Sec 3 Universities (68% > 85%)
PGAll Master’s Programmes (No cut-off: applies to 11 specific programmes)AUD 6000 Multi-YearGPA of 5.25 on the scale of 7
   Sec 1 & 2 Universities (75% & above)
   Sec 3 Universities (85% & above)
PG11 specific programmes which guarantee a AUD 6000 ScholarshipAUD 6000 Multi-YearNeed to meet admission requirements
 11 specific programmes: 2024
1. Juris Doctor/2826
2. Master of Artificial Intelligence/3765
3. Master of Business Analytics/2816
4. Master of Engineering/3693
5. Master’s Degree in Information and Communications Technology/3699
6. Master of Property Investment and Development/2813
7. Master of Public Health/4702
8. Master of Science/3749
9. Master of Social Work (Qualifying)/1792
10. Master of Teaching (Birth – 5 Years/Birth – 12 Years)/1783
11. Master of Teaching (Secondary)/1714
UGVC Academic Excellence Scholarships (except for Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Physiotherapy)50% of tuition feesNeed to achieve a minimum of 90 ATAR for consideration. No separate application is required and the scholarship is very competitive.
PGVC Academic Excellence Scholarships (except for research degrees, Master of Nursing Practice, and Master of Clinical Psychology)50% of tuition feesNeed to achieve a minimum 5.95 GPA out of 7 GPA  for consideration. No separate application is required and the scholarship is very competitive.

In case, the international student does not adhere to the prescribed rules then the scholarship may be lost. Some important points to consider to maintain eligibility:

  • These scholarships are not awarded to citizens of Australia or New Zealand.
  • You need to be an international student to be eligible for these scholarships. In case the status of the student changes then the scholarship will discontinue.
  • Exchange or study abroad students coming to the university will not be eligible
  • The applicant should start the programme of study in 2024 for the first time
  • Undergraduate students should have applied to study for a CRICOS-registered degree programme.

Generosity at Its Best

Providing the best of education, and the financial means to pursue it, is the most generous gesture one can ever receive. Aspiring students looking for scholarship options can consult Planet Education through the author for suitable guidance and suggestions. Western Sydney University truly deserves applause from everyone for providing the most suitable environment for international students to study and prosper. Find out about different scholarship options by talking to immigration consultants in Chandigarh today.

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