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Self-Employed? Get Canada PR Like This…!

Self-Employed? Get Canada PR Like This…!

Many self-employed people believe that they cannot join the queue to become the permanent resident of Canada. To their joyous amazement, Canada has an immigration programme specifically for self-employed people. If you can show you have worthy experience, then you can surely take the flight to move to Canada permanently. Let’s get the party started.

Who can Apply under the Self-Employed Category?

Self-employed, to begin things, are people who are their boss at work. This means they work for themselves, and that they have a skill or self-made product which they are selling to generate income.  For example, a painter sells a painting, and an athlete competes and the prize money money won is the income.

The level of expertise required to apply for Canada permanent residency under the self-employed category has to be of world-class quality. Next, by using that activity as a self-employed, the person should be able to make significant contributions in Canada.

A minimum of two years of relevant work experience is required to submit your application. Minimum experience requirements for cultural activities and athletics are as follows:

  • Cultural Activities – Minimum two years of extensive experience either at a world-class competitive level or at a professional level. A combination of one year of experience in each level can also be considered.
  • Athletics – Just like cultural activities, extensive experience of at least two years at a world-class competitive level or a professional level. A combination of one year of experience in each level can also be considered.

Points are accorded based on the amount of work experience the applicant has. It is important here that applicants are willing to maintain their employment status and be able to support themselves by being self-employed in Canada.

Talking about the kind of work that is considered a cultural activity in Canada, here are some job fields that comprise this category:

  • Musicians
  • Painters
  • Authors and Writers
  • Craftspeople
  • Creative Designers
  • Sculptors

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has compiled a list of activities under which self-employed persons qualify. To find out if your occupation falls in the compiled list, talk to Canada PR immigration consultants in Gurugram.

Get a Minimum Score in the Selection Criteria 

Once you fit into the definition of a self-employed person, the next step is to attain at least a minimum of 35 points under the five selection criteria and point system. These criteria are experience, education, age, language abilities and adaptability. The maximum number of points is 100, and 35 is the minimum passing mark. You should make efforts to score as much as possible to improve your chances of Canada PR approval. 

An interview can be a part of the selection process for this visa. What you mention in the documents, the explanation submitted for shortcomings or gaps in the documents should match with what you speak in front of the visa officer. A separate assessment will be made by the visa officer based on your answers, and the officer’s decision in awarding points will hold in case there is a mismatch.

Medical, security checks and sufficient money to support you and your family are some other requirements that need to be met at the time of submitting your application. Medical exam and police clearance of each member of the family needs to be submitted. Preparing the complete file and assembling all the documents is a tedious process, you can take assistance from immigration consultants in Gurgaon to expedite this process.

Underestimating the Importance of Evidence

Canada values all those who can make a positive contribution to their economy, it does not matter whether they are working for someone or self-employed. The door to Canada permanent residency is open for you provided you can prove your worth as a self-employed person. Find out if this path is suitable for you and how you can reach a successful conclusion by talking to an experienced and certified person.

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