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International Education Accreditation: A Guide to ECCTIS and NOOSR

International Education Accreditation: A Guide to ECCTIS and NOOSR

How good are your educational qualifications? Are they at par with the world level and have the potential to take you places? One of the first steps in venturing abroad, be it for working or pursuing a higher degree, is to show what is your present worth. Those on the other side of national borders have established their system to ascertain your present standing.

For students, in particular, aspiring to study abroad, their journey starts with getting qualifications accredited by a designated body. It is like letting the other country know that your educational qualifications are at par with their standards and that you are fit to pursue education or work in their country. 

In the United Kingdom, Ecctis is the official national agency that provides qualification accreditation services for the UK government. The task of assessing overseas qualifications in Australia is taken care of by the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR).

Ecctis and What They Do

Dedicated to the development of national education systems, Ecctis is a globally renowned service provider that recognises and evaluates qualifications and skills. The organisation helps in comparing international qualifications from more than 200 countries, authenticating qualifications and detecting fraud. These services facilitate mobilising students and professionals.

  • UK ENIC: Formerly known as UK NARIC, the UK National Information Centre assess global qualifications and skills. 
  • UK Visas and Nationality: Provides services on behalf of the Home Office of the UK.

Both organisations and individuals can approach Ecctis to compare international qualifications against the framework levels of UK qualifications.

  • Services for Individuals: Individuals who want to study or work in the UK can approach Ecctis to provide comparison statements for their qualifications which can be used to pass through the UK’s immigration system.
  • Services for Organisations: Businesses, recruitment agencies, academic institutions and government departments across the globe also contact Ecctis to seek insight and advice on international qualifications and education systems. 

Here, it is worth talking about the UK qualification framework levels. Most qualifications are adjudged based on their difficulty levels and the more difficult it is to attain a qualification the higher its level. England, Wales and Northern Ireland rank qualifications in 9 levels. Level 9 is the doctorate level qualification and level 1 is the entry-level qualification. There are further three sub-levels in the entry level – 1, 2 and 3, with 3 being the most difficult. 

For other countries, a Statement of Comparability is issued after comparing a non-UK qualification with a UK qualification. This statement needs to be presented along with the original qualification documents to show the level of overseas qualification with the one followed by the UK. A maximum of six qualifications can be included in the application submitted for this service.

Moving to Another Promised Land for Immigrants

Several organisations oversee international qualification assessments in Australia. The organisation that will assess your qualifications will depend on the purpose for which you are getting the assessment done. Overseas qualification assessment is required to be submitted by those who want to study, find employment or want to migrate to Australia.

Qualification Assessment for Studying and Working in Australia

Flying to the other side of the globe, the service of recognising international qualifications is provided by the National Information Centre for Qualifications Recognition working under the Australian Government Department of Education. These activities were formerly undertaken by NOOSR in Australia, short for the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition.

The education institution where you like to study will provide you with the details on how your qualifications assessment will be done. In most cases, the registered training organisation, higher education provider or university will assess your qualifications for admission. For detailed information on how this process is undertaken and what documents you will have to provide depending on your situation, you can talk to study visa consultants in Gurugram.

Assessing Authorities for Skilled Migration

Prospective migrants are required to show that their skills, qualifications and experience are at par with the standards set by Australia. The Australian government has approved Assessing Authorities who carry out skill assessments. A positive skills assessment is a must before you can move ahead with your immigration process for Australia. 

Australia has set up different requirements for each occupation. There are certain occupations for which specialised knowledge and skills are required, and one needs to have a professional membership, licensing or registration before they can start working. The Department of Home Affairs looks after cases where skill assessment is done to work. We have written a complete article on skills assessment for working.

Transparency is Essential for Immigration

We have always admired developed countries for their top-class living standards, and to maintain that standard high-level personnel are required to work. The sole purpose of these assessments is to find the correct match between that standard and the qualifications you present. For a smooth immigration process, it is best to tread it with immigration consultants in Gurugram.

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