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What is at Stake with Australia’s Migration Strategy

Risks and Possibilities with Australia’s Migration Strategy

Several universities and the international student community are bracing for impact as the Australian government plans to implement new visa criteria under the migration strategy. Some educational institutions have asked prospective students to withdraw their applications, as per news reports.

This development makes me question the fairness of requiring students to withdraw their applications after they have already paid the application fee.

Students are explained that their application will not be able to meet the new criteria and that their full fees will be refunded. Even though complete details of the policy are not yet known, the Indian agency association AAERI, fearing the worst, are highly concerned with the developing situation.

Does this development mean that Australia doesn’t want international students on its land or is it more of a chameleon effect that is plaguing the world, without considering the long-term impact it will have on their economy? Why Australia is considering such a migration strategy?

Answering these questions we first look at the contribution made by international students towards the Australian economy.

Messing with the Fourth-Largest Export Sector

Saying the least, the Australian Government Department of Education and Training discloses that international students annually contribute around $34 billion in export income. Universities Australia, a peak body for the education sector comprising 39 member universities, commented that international education helped Australia recover from the tough fiscal landscape post-COVID, praising them as an economic winner for the country.

International students, along with bringing in loads of money, are also a significant creator of jobs for Australia. These jobs are not limited just to the education sector but to the entire community, including chefs, waiters, construction workers, taxi drivers, tourism sectors and shop assistants. 

According to the Department of Education and Training, more than 240,000 full-time supporting jobs open up because of international students. What is more, Tourism Research Australia also acknowledges international students’ positive impact on tourism. 

Numbers Impossible to Overlook

Along with social and cultural impact, international students cast numerous financial benefits both directly and indirectly. As per the Department of Education and Training, international students generate $1.89 billion across all regions in Australia by working part-time to support themselves. 

The debate on capping or implementing migration strategy is looking at just one factor, which is to protect local jobs. It is like they just want to have the good part and not the by-product. The contribution of international students is so huge that bringing a strategy based on just one factor is not justifiable.

Strengthen the Student Visa System Integrity

The above numbers indicate that international students only have a positive impact on Australia’s economy and that the contribution is so large and significant that the country cannot do without it. However, the misuse by some people forced the country to frame stricter regulations. The new strategy, if and when implemented, will improve the chances of success and minimise risks.

The need of the hour is to have a thorough understanding of what the Australian immigration authorities want and prepare ourselves accordingly in a better way for a positive outcome. Here are some key strategies to ensure you taste success in your endeavour to study in Australia.

  • Show Genuine Intention: This can be done by expressing your interest in studying for a programme that aligns with your academic background. A student with a science background asking to enrol on a commerce programme will face denial. This situation clearly shows that the intention is not to study but to settle there, and education only serves as a medium to accomplish it.
  • Fulfil Financial Requirements: In no way the authorities should sense that you do not have sufficient funds to pursue your studies there. Show that you have a strong connection in your home country, exhibiting your assets along with proof of funds is a must. 
  • Enhanced Security: It was observed that there were attempts to enter Australia with malicious intent, the purpose was neither to study nor to settle in the country. Such observance resulted in security bars being raised ensuring that the intention is genuine to study in the country.
  • Consult Experienced Professionals: When it comes to making only the right moves due to stricter regulations, you should talk to immigration consultants in Chandigarh who have good experience and are experts in the field.

Stay Positive with Possibilities

Education is the largest service export of Australia and the income generated herewith pays for essential services and underpins higher living standards. Stricter regulations only ensure this engagement remains of the highest standards and is not abused. There are still numerous possibilities to study in Australia, provided your moves are error-free.

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