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Australia’s MATES Promises High Hopes for Indian Professionals

Australia’s MATES Promises High Hopes for Indian Professionals

A groundbreaking initiative has been announced recently by Australia and India in the form of the Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme (MATES). This programme will open up marvellous opportunities for early career professionals and Indian graduates to gain valuable work experience in the country.

Mutually Beneficial Exchange of Skills

The new scheme, MATES, which will go into effect on November 1, 2024, is the brainchild of the Australia-India Migration and Mobility Partnership Arrangement (MMPA). This scheme aims to foster a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and skills between the two countries. MATES will turn out to be a perfect launching pad for Indian nationals who are aged 30 or under and have a bachelor’s or higher degree in high-demand fields such as AI, engineering, mining, renewable energy, AgriTech, or FinTech.

Here is a quick look at the eligibility criteria: 

  • Age: 30 years or younger (inclusive) at application
  • Indian nationality
  • Applying for MATES for the first time
  • Proficient English language skills (overall IELTS score of at least 6 with no band score lower than 5)
  • Graduated within the last 2 years from an eligible university with a relevant degree

The Distinct Edge in Applying at MATES

The best of all is the opportunity to live and work in your beloved country, Australia. You can attain valuable work experience in an innovative and dynamic environment for up to two years. You are not required to have a sponsorship from an employer. This facility is not available with many skilled migration programmes. With MATES you can apply independently even though you do not have pre-arranged employment in Australia.

You will have the opportunity to enhance your career prospects for the future, as you will get the chance to develop professional knowledge and skills in a globalised workplace. It will also provide the opportunity to build a network with industry professionals that can open doors to future opportunities. There is also the possibility to bring your dependent children and spouse with you. The annual cap of the programme will not be affected by bringing in dependents, plus they will also have the right to work.

A Brief Look Inside the MATES

The programme is expected to open up to accept applications in November. During the pilot launch phase of the programme, 3,000 primary applicants will be accepted annually. Specifications regarding embassy fees, the process of application, and potential costs for adding dependents will also be disclosed in the coming time. If you are looking to apply for this programme and want to know more, talk to immigration consultants in Gurgaon.

Once you are granted the visa, you can enter Australia within the next 12 months and stay in the country for 24 months from the date of arrival. A big plus is that multiple entries are allowed. Once the initial two-year stay ends, you will become eligible to apply for other visas that allow you to stay in the country temporarily or permanently. However, you can participate in MATES only once.

Building Your Resume and Portfolio

As you are now aware of what MATES is and what are its potential benefits, the next question is how to start preparation for it. Just like any other immigration planning, this preparation too will start by showing your proficiency in the English language. Your aim should be to attain at least six in the overall IELTS score and no band score below five. Once this is done, become familiar with Australia’s job market, particularly in the industry where you plan to work. Build a strong resume and portfolio to improve your chances of being accepted.

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A Brighter Future in the Making

MATES is a step in the right direction of Australia’s commitment to offer better immigration policies and strengthen its ties with India. The opportunity to develop a global network, expand your skills and gain valuable experience through this programme will be highly appreciated by Indian professionals looking to settle in Australia.

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