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Conquering Challenges, Tasting Success: An Inspirational Tale of a Visa Seeker’s Journey

Visa, Approved, an Inspirational Success Story | ESS Global

Always radiate positivity and things will be positive around you, ultimately. Visa Desk shares a story of triumph and perseverance that is bound to inspire you. The successful journey of Sapna, who was recently awarded a study visa, highlights that with determination you can achieve the impossible. It will serve as a beacon of hope as you navigate the path to attain your visa.

Provided that you are dedicated to achieving your aim and are steered by an experienced and right consultation then there is nothing that can stop you from getting your visa.

Turner’s syndrome Turned into Opportunity

The Eureka moment flashed at the billing counter at a mall starting the story of transformation. A medical condition that was viewed by society as a shortcoming was transitioned into a source of unexploited strength.

Turner’s syndrome is a rare condition that affects only females resulting in short height and heart defects, among other developmental problems. Sapna chooses to work, living a life just like any other normal healthy person, rather than sitting at home.

Withdrawals and Refusals Turned into Stepping Stones

The case of Sapna was unique in the sense that she had already seen a withdrawal in 2020 and a subsequent refusal in 2021. These denials didn’t stall her tempo; rather she applied for the third time with renewed vigour working out on the entire shortcomings that were there in the previous attempts. The only difference this time was that she applied after consultation from ESS Global. Their experience and expertise came in handy and brought her the desired results.

Securing a position as an online booking executive at an esteemed hotel proved to be a turning point in her journey. It showcased her ability to adapt and highlighted her unwavering perseverance in the face of setbacks. Her performance at the new job proved that she is not only fit to live a normal life, despite her medical condition, but can perform crucial tasks with required responsibility.

Crafting the Purpose Precisely

Often overlooked, an intrinsic part of any visa application is the statement of purpose (SOP). The end person who will assess your application only has the sixth sense that can tell why you want a visa unless you tell that specifically. This SOP should detail your specific situation and should not be copied from anywhere.

At ESS Global, we helped Sapna in scripting an SOP, putting her medical condition on paper and explaining it clearly that it is not a limitation, and has not suppressed her ability to study and work in any way. The dedication with which she worked in the hospitality company and showed no laxity in fulfilling her duties served as strong proof supporting her statement.

Victory of Commitment and Experience

Visa Desk lauds the never-say-die attitude of Sapna and her open-book approach toward us. It is because of these traits of her that we were able to work with her and for her in the right direction and bring the much-needed triumph.

The story of Sapna is a victory not only of the commitment shown by her but also of the experience and expertise that we have in processing visas. This journey serves as a source of inspiration both for those who are in the middle of a visa process and also when faced with any other form of adversity.


Whether you faced a refusal or had to withdraw your visa file for some reason, the story of Sapna will certainly serve as an inspiration, that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. As we celebrate this success story, we encourage you to have a positive mindset, regardless of your personal objectives, and yes, the right consultation from overseas education consultants in Chandigarh will make a difference.

(Written By Rohit Sethi with inputs from Annie Rai)

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